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However underwhelming, disappointing, frustrating, annoying, or dumb something seems to you right now — remember that one day, the threat of it all going way may be real and present. If that were to happen, would you give anything to just be facing the everyday problem you’re having now?
When Breath Becomes Air helps you see what’s really important by diving into Paul Kalanithi’s life of loving neuroscience, literature, meaning, and his family that ended from cancer in his mid-thirties.
To discover one’s identity becomes a journey of self-exploration. You might venture from one extreme to the other while finding your true identity lies somewhere in between. Hence, once you have determined your values, abide by them.
In truth, the only thing that’s toxic is calling things toxic left, right, and center — especially when the “things” you talk about are actually human beings. “Toxic” is a terrible word, and, plainly, not an adjective you should ever use to describe anyone. Why?
One of the biggest pitfalls of goal-setting is that you can overthink things really easily. Dreaming of a brighter future and making plans to get there can get addicting. So much that we may even forget that to make our goals happen we have to start somewhere!

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