Luke Rowley

Writes in Four Minute Books

Difficult Conversations identifies why we shy away from some conversations more than others, and what we can do to navigate them successfully and without stress.
This Is Marketing argues that marketing success in today’s world comes from focusing more on the needs, values, and desires of our target audience, rather than spamming as many people as possible with our message.
The Messy Middle challenges the notion that projects grow slowly and smoothly toward success by outlining the rocky but important intermediate stages of any journey and how to survive them.
The 12 Week Year will teach you how to reliably hit your goals by planning in 12-week cycles instead of following our typical 12-month routine.
Multipliers helps us become more efficient leaders by magnifying the strengths of our team and dealing with managers that pull everyone down.
Girl, Wash Your Face inspires women to take their lives into their own hands and make their dreams happen, no matter how discouraged they may feel at the moment.
How Emotions Are Made explores the often misconstrued world of human feelings and the cutting-edge science behind how they’re formed.
The Miracle Equation is a simple, step-by-step process to make achieving your goals inevitable by bridging the gap between knowing and doing.
The Varieties Of Religious Experience will show you that spirituality isn’t limited to church and that you too can benefit from trying a variety of religious practices, even if you identify with no religion in particular.
Crucial Conversations will teach you how to avoid conflict and come to positive solutions in high-stakes conversations so you can be effective in your personal and professional life.
QBQ! will teach you to ask better questions and stay accountable and why doing so will change every aspect of your life for the better.
Rest examines why traditional methods of working too long and hard are inefficient compared to working less, resting, and playing to accomplish your best work.
The Moral Animal introduces you to the fascinating world of evolutionary psychology and uncovers the genetic strategies that explain why we do everything we do.
The Road to Character explains why today’s ever-increasing obsession with the self is eclipsing moral virtues and our ability to build character, and how that gets in the way of our happiness.
Ikigai explains how you can live a longer and happier life by having a purpose, eating healthy, and not retiring.
Just Listen teaches how to get your message across to anyone by using proven listening and persuasion techniques.
Against Empathy explains the problems with society’s obsession with empathy and explores its limitations while giving us useful alternatives for situations in which it doesn’t work.
Altered Traits explores the science behind meditation techniques and the way they benefit and alter our mind and body.
Behave sets out to explain the reason behind human behavior, good or bad, by exploring the influences of brain chemistry and our environment.
Can’t Hurt Me is the story of David Goggins, who went from being overweight and depressed to becoming a record-breaking athlete, inspiring military leader, and world-class personal trainer.
The 5 AM Club helps you get up at 5 AM every morning, build a morning routine, and make time for the self-improvement you need to find success.
The 5 Love Languages shows couples how to make their love last by learning to recognize the unique way their partner feels love.
The Art of Thinking Clearly is a full compendium of the psychological biases that once helped us survive but now only hinder us from living our best life.
The Checklist Manifesto explains why checklists can save lives and teaches you how to implement them correctly.
The Effective Executive gives leaders a step-by-step formula to become more productive, developing their own strengths and those of their employees.
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team uses a fable to explain why even the best teams struggle to work together and offers actionable strategies for them to overcome distrust and office politics to achieve important goals as a cohesive, effective unit.
Peak Performance shows you how to perform at your highest level by exploring the most significant factors that contribute to delivering our best work, such as stress, rest, focus, and purpose.
Dollars And Sense explains why it’s so hard to manage money and teaches you how to combat false cues and natural desires so you can manage your dollars in better ways.
EntreLeadership provides you with a path to becoming a great leader in your company by identifying the necessary management and entrepreneurial skills.
Catalyst explains why extraordinary career growth requires the right stimuli at the right time to propel you to the next level, and shows you how to cultivate them.
Company Of One will teach you how going small, not big when creating your own company will bring you independence, income, and lots of free time without the hassles of having to manage employees, long meetings, and forced growth.
Merchants of Doubt explains how a small but loud group of researchers were able to mislead the public about the truths around global warming, tobacco, DDT, and other important issues for decades.
The Science of Getting Rich gives you permission to embrace your natural desire for wealth and explains why riches lead to a prosperous and abundant life in mind, body, and soul.
The Start-Up of You explains why you need manage your career as if you were running a start-up to get ahead in today’s ultra-competitive and ever-changing business world.
The Third Door follows an 18-year-old’s wild quest of interviewing many of the world’s most successful people to discover what it takes to get to the top.