Luke Rowley

Writes in Four Minute Books

You’ll See It When You Believe It shows you how to discover your true, best self by revealing how to use the power of your mind to find peace with yourself, the people around you, and the universe.
Why We Sleep will motivate you get more and better quality sleep by showing you the recent scientific findings on why sleep deprivation is bad for individuals and society.
Think Small gives the science-backed secrets to following through with your goals, identifying seven key components that will help you use your own human nature to your advantage for wild success like you’ve never had before.
Tiny Habits shows you the power of applying small changes to your routine to unleash the full power that habits have to make your life better.
A World In Disarray opens your mind to ways that you make the world more peaceful by guiding you through the major changes in global affairs since World War II.
The Road To Serfdom helps you keep your freedoms and individuality by taking a stand against socialism, identifying its risks to turn into totalitarianism, and why this was especially important after WWII.
The Power Of Bad gives some excellent tips on how to become happier by identifying your tendency toward negativity and what psychology and research have to show you about how to beat it.
Sapiens is your guide to becoming an expert on the entire history of the human race as it reviews everything our species has been through from ancient ancestors to our dominating place in the world today.
The End Of Poverty will help you develop a kinder and more compassionate heart by opening your eyes to the terrible state of the poorest countries in the world, how they got to be this way, and why solving this problem is in our best interests and may be easier than we think.
Identity explains the evolution of identity politics and how they lead the way to deep political divisions, giving suggestions about what we can do to alleviate this ever-growing problem.
A History Of The World In 6 Glasses will give you some great conversation starters at your next party by teaching you the origins and impact of the worlds six favorite drinks, including beer, wine, alcoholic spirits, tea, coffee, and soda.
A Brief History Of Everyone Who Ever Lived gives you another important perspective on mankind’s past and present through the lens of our genes.
On Tyranny makes you more vigilant of the warning signs of oppression by identifying it’s political nature, how to protect yourself and society, and what you can do to resist dangerous leadership.
Impeachment is your guide to understanding how the US government has the power to remove a president and reviews the events surrounding past evictions of the commander-in-chief.
In Cold Blood is a new form of journalism that is referred to as a “nonfiction novel,” which tells, as if it were a novel, the story of how Dick Hickock and Perry Smith conspired, prepared, and killed the Clutter family in rural Kansas in the fall of 1959, and what it took for the police to catch them so they could be brought to justice by hanging in 1965.
Crippled America makes you a more informed citizen by sharing the political beliefs and reasoning behind billionaire and businessman Donald J. Trump’s plans to make his country great again.
Dreamland blows open the story of the United States’ opioid crisis, from the frustrating greed and oversight that created it, how drug dealers accelerated it’s spread, and what we’re doing now to stop it.
The Hot Zone is Richard Preston’s version of a terrifying true story of how the Ebola virus came to be, why it’s so deadly and contagious, and how this all reveals our massive vulnerabilities and inefficiencies when it comes to fending off pandemics of all kinds.
Stamped From The Beginning will open your mind to the true origins of racism by challenging your long-held beliefs about it that have been perpetrated by racists throughout history.
Just Mercy explains why the United States judicial system is so broken, including how its bias toward women, Blacks, minorities, and others makes communities and the entire country a worse place and what author Bryan Stevenson is doing with his Equal Justice Initiative to try to stop these injustices.