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Maria Deac

Hey there!

My name is Maria, and I love to write, dance, work in marketing, read books, and spend quality time with my people.

I write book summaries for curious minds, so if you have a few minutes to spare, check out the audio version of some of them - right here on!

It’s good for your mind (and for your heart) :)

The Life-Changing Science of Detecting Bullshit teaches its readers how to avoid falling for the lies and false information that other people spread by helping them build essential thinking skills through examples from the real world.
Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant is an inspiring read by Kiyosaki which comes as a sequel after his first groundbreaking book and presents how hard work doesn’t always equal becoming rich, as wealth is likely a result of smart money decisions.
No Hard Feelings is a practical book for better managing the emotional side of work and building the skills needed to enhance your performance both within your role and more broadly throughout your career path by finding motivation again and managing negative emotions.
Maoism explores the ideology of Mao Zedong, the Chinese leader of the communist party of the twentieth century, and how he managed to turn his doctrine into a mass-adopted phenomenon that continues even today, under different forms and shapes.
Resilience will help you find joy in self-transformation, showing you ways to become more positive, hard-working, and face hardship with the kind of bravery and optimism that will get you through any challenge.
Dopamine Nation talks about the importance of living a balanced life in relation to all the pleasure and stimuli we’re surrounded with on a daily basis, such as drugs, devices, porn, gambling facilities, showing us how to avoid becoming dopamine addicts by restricting our access to them.
The 1-Page Marketing Plan offers a hands-on guide to creating a simple, single-page marketing strategy that will help you find prospects, generate leads, keep them engaged, and close sales, all from scratch.
Loserthink talks about the sabotaging thinking habits that run our minds and paralyze us when it comes to taking charge of life, and how we can overcome them with small, incremental steps that drive powerful change.
Siddhartha presents the self-discovery expedition of a man during the time of the Buddha who, unsure of what life really means to him, takes an exploratory journey to pursue the highs and lows of life, which ultimately leads him to discover the equilibrium in all things and a higher wisdom within.
The Art of Statistics is a non-technical book that shows how statistics is helping humans everywhere get a new hold of data, interpret numbers, fact-check information, and reveal valuable insights, all while keeping the world as we know it afloat.
No Self No Problem is a provocative read about the implications of Buddhism in neuroscience, and more specifically about the idea that the self is only a product of the mind, meaning that there is no “I”.
The Greatest Secret comes as a sequel to “The Secret,” which was a worldwide phenomenon when it first came out as it presented the idea that one can change their own life by tapping into the Universe’s powers and asking for their wildest dreams to come true using the law of attraction.
Super Human presents the groundbreaking discoveries of Dave Asprey (the CEO of Bulletproof) in the field of diet & nutrition, biohacking, longevity, and offers a scientific view on how to live your best life and look like the best version of yourself by adopting practices acclaimed by bioengineers right away.
The Art of Living talks about living a peaceful life through meditation and gratitude, especially by using the Vipassana meditation technique and the philosophy behind Buddhism, which promotes developing a clearer vision of life and seeing things as they truly are.
Permanent Record delves into the life story of Edward Snowden, the well-renowned national whistleblower who built the exposé on STELLARWIND, the US mass surveillance program used to spy on American citizens.
The How of Happiness describes a scientific approach to being happier by giving you a short quiz to determine your “happiness set point,” followed by various tools and tactics to help you take control of the large chunk of happiness that’s fully within your grasp.
This Is Your Mind On Plants is an analysis of three conscious-altering substances — opium, caffeine and mescaline — which humans have been using for thousands of years, as well as how their effects have shaped our bodies, culture, and history, showing that, beyond arguing about their legalities, we must understand their potential to help us connect with both nature and ourselves in new ways.
The Wealthy Gardener is a series of stories told from the perspective of an old, wealthy man, who shares the financial wisdom he’s acquired over many years with the members in his community, showing them how to build wealth step-by-step through short yet meaningful anecdotes.