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Maria Deac

Hey there!

My name is Maria, and I love to write, dance, work in marketing, read books, and spend quality time with my people.

I write book summaries for curious minds, so if you have a few minutes to spare, check out the audio version of some of them - right here on!

It’s good for your mind (and for your heart) :)

An Ugly Truth offers a critical look at Facebook and its administrators, who foster a gaslighting environment and a controversial social media platform that can easily become a danger for its users both virtually and in real life due to its immense power and influence on our society.
Don Quixote is a classic novel from 1605 which portraits the life and insightful journey of Don Quixote de la Mancha, a Spanish man who seems to be losing his mind on his quest to become a knight and restore chivalry alongside with a farmer named Sancho Panza, with whom he fights multiple imaginary enemies and faces a series of fantastic challenges.
Elite Minds delves into the idea of success and teaches you how to train your mind to tap into its highest potential, adopt a winning mentality, embrace the gifts you’ve been given and improve mental toughness.
Richard Nixon: The Life presents the detailed biography of the thirty-seventh president of the United States, who became famous for his successful endeavours that put him in the White House and for his controversial life the complexities of being such a top tier political figure.
Everyday Millionaires proves how anyone can become a millionaire if they have a solid actionable plan and the willingness to work hard by drawing conclusions from the largest study ever conducted on the lives of millionaires.
Rationality explores the concept of ration as the pylon of all human progress and how it sets us apart from all other species, helping us evolve and developing societal layers, rules of conduct, and moral grounds for all our endeavors in life.
The Art of Possibility explores the remarkable effects of an open mentality and being prepared to seize opportunities, allowing a variety of possibilities into your life, and finding solutions to problems by being a hopeful person.
Your Money Or Your Life is the ultimate guide to financial freedom, as it explores nine effective ways to stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt, earn enough money to make more than just a living, and start living your life worry free from a financial point of view.
What to Say When You Talk to Yourself is a book by Shad Helmstetter, a self-help guru who has written several pieces on the subject of self-talk, and who argues that in order to achieve our highest self we need to work on how we talk to ourselves and identify our biggest challenge to conquer.
Fascism explores the nature behind this far-right authoritarian ideology, how it can rise to power in uncertain times and why it poses a serious threat even in our present days against our most democratic systems such as in the United States or Europe.
One Decision explains how flawed decisions occur and how you can avoid them by analyzing data at first, asking for fact-checked opinions, eliminating your biases and prejudice, and many more useful practices derived from psychological research.
Loonshots explores the process of innovation, specifically how groundbreaking ideas emerge from simple thoughts and how important it is for organizations to give course to them by creating learning environments where people feel safe exploring and creating.
Happy Together is written by two of the world’s most renowned psychologists, and it explores the concept of love and relationships by teaching its readers how to build and maintain happy, flourishing connections and how to optimize their couple life by focusing on the good and healthily dealing with the bad.