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Maria Deac

Hey there!

My name is Maria, and I love to write, dance, do marketing, read books, and spend quality time with my people. I write book summaries for the curious minds, so if you have a few minutes to spare, check out the audio version of some of the books I’ve summarized!

It’s good for your mind and for your heart.:)

Four Thousand Weeks explores the popularized concept of time management from a different point of view, by tapping into ancient knowledge from famous philosophers, researchers, and spiritual figures, rather than promoting the contemporary idea of high-level productivity and constant self-optimization.
Adapt proposes a surprising approach to accepting failure as a part of the innovation process.
Unfu*k Yourself offers practical advice on how to get out of your self-destructive thoughts and take charge of your life by learning how to control them and motivate yourself to take more responsibility for your life than you ever have before.
Why Does He Do That? reveals the nature of male abusers, ways to identify them early, and how to respond to their threats.
Do What Matters Most outlines the importance of time management in anyone’s life and explores highly efficient methods to set goals for short-term and long-term intervals, as well as how to achieve them by being more productive and learning how to prioritize.
The Alter Ego Effect offers a practical approach on how to construct and benefit from alter egos, or the little heroes inside you, so as to achieve your desired goals and build a successful life with the help of a few key role models that you can borrow some attributes from or even impersonate in times of need.
The Self-Discipline Blueprint delves into the subject of self-actualization and why it is crucial for humans to achieve a fulfilled and successful life by creating a routine and becoming focused, self-disciplined and hard-working.
The Comfort Book explores how depression feels like and its effects on our mind and body, and how we can overcome it by taking small, but significant steps in that direction, starting with finding hope, being more present at the moment, and acknowledging that we’re enough.
Unbeatable Mind explores the idea that everyone has a higher self-potential lying underneath that they ought to explore and tap into in order to live their life to the fullest and maximize their happiness and success, all possible through the 20X rule.
The Great Mental Models addresses the importance of forming the right thinking processes and how to improve your decision-making process by targeting efforts more efficiently and learning lessons from everything that surrounds you.
The Joy of Missing Out explores today’s idea of productivity and common misconceptions about what it means to be productive, as well as how eliminating unnecessary stress by prioritizing effectively can help us live a better life.
The Motivation Manifesto explores how we can find purpose and meaningfulness in our lives by discovering our inner motivators and overcoming our fears, tapping into our inner power and living life fully and freely.
U Thrive explores the topic of college life and offers practical advice on how to diminish stress and anxiety from exams, deadlines, unfitting roommates, while thriving in the campus, academic life, and creating meaningful experiences.
No More Mr. Nice Guy explores ways to eliminate the “Nice Guy Syndrome”, which implies being a man that avoids conflicts at all costs and prefers to show only his nice side to the world, even when it affects him negatively by damaging his personality and preventing him from achieving his goals in life.
Safe People focuses on the importance of recognizing the types of people, distinguishing between the safe and unsafe ones, avoiding toxic relationships, and establishing meaningful ones by reading people and trusting God.
Be Where Your Feet Are explores the enlightening life lessons that one of America’s top-tier sports personalities has to give, from being present in the moment and living in a meaningful way, to achieving a more fulfilling and successful life.
The Last Lecture offers significant insights about the meaning of life and how to seize opportunities from the perspective of a man facing death, who advises everyone to live a good life and have a positive impact on the world.
The Little Book of Talent explores the concept of talents, skills and capabilities, and offers a multitude of effective tips and tricks on how to acquire hard skills using methods tested by top performers worldwide.
Fail Fast Fail Often outlines the importance of accepting failure as a natural part of our life, and how by embracing it instead of fearing it can improve the way we evolve, grow, learn and respond to new experiences and people.
Lateral Thinking brings forth a new approach to the problem-solving process by proving how creativity and ditching vertical thinking can enhance the brain’s efficiency and make it find new ways of looking at a problem from new, innovative angles and outside-the-box perspectives.