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Niklas Göke

My name is Nik. I've been writing since 2014.

Somehow, I found my way to 50 million views, 50,000 email subscribers, and 500,000 monthly readers.

My work has been featured in places like Medium, Quora, Business Insider, CNBC, The Next Web, Pocket, Lifehacker, Thought Catalog & The Muse.

The Practicing Mind shows you how to cultivate patience, focus, and discipline for working towards your biggest goals, by going back to the basic principles of practice, embracing a child-like trial-and-error attitude again and thus make working hard towards mastery a fulfilling process in itself.
This Is Your Brain On Music explains where music historically comes from, what it triggers in our brain, how we develop our tastes and why it’s a crucial part of our lives, along with what makes great musicians great.
Finding Your Element shows you how to find your talents and passions, embrace them, and come up with your own definition of happiness, so you can combine what you love with what you’re good at to live a long, happy life.
In truth, the only thing that’s toxic is calling things toxic left, right, and center — especially when the “things” you talk about are actually human beings. “Toxic” is a terrible word, and, plainly, not an adjective you should ever use to describe anyone. Why?
In a world where everyone’s trying to do everything, quitting isn’t just good for your health. It’s a superpower. So, how do you know when it’s time to quit?
The Compound Effect will show you why big, abrupt changes rarely work and how you can change your life over time with the power of small, daily steps, a routine that builds momentum and the courage to break through your limits when you reach them.
How Will You Measure Your Life shows you how to sustain motivation at work and in life to spend your time on earth happily and fulfilled, by focusing not just on money and your career, but your family, relationships and personal well-being.
Chaos Monkeys is a fun behind-the-scenes look that lifts the veil on some of the weird, mysterious and sometimes questionable practices going on behind closed doors of mega startups in Silicon Valley.
Every day, you look in the mirror and see a human struggling to carry the world on their shoulders. You see wrinkles of stress etched into your forehead, caused by your unpaid bills. You see tired eyes about to blink a thousand times more until the report for your boss is finished. You see slumped shoulders that used to sit high and mighty, and you wonder: How can those shoulders keep carrying the world?
If you spend hours looking for tricks, gimmicks, and automations, you may as well do the actual thing. Step up to your role in the small scheme of things, and before you know it, you’ll see: Small roles are not to be feared.
Nudge shows you how you can unconsciously make better decisions by designing your environment so it nudges you in the right direction every time temptation becomes greatest and thus build your own choice architecture in advance.
The Art Of Choosing extensively covers the scientific research made about human decision making, showing you what affects how you make choices, how the consequences of those choices affect you, as well as how you can adapt to these circumstances to make better decisions in the future.
How To Read A Book is a 1940 classic teaching you how to become a more active reader and deliberately practice the various stages of reading, in order to maximize the value you get from books.
Move Your Bus sheds some light on the different groups of members in an organization, be it a school or a company, and how leaders can inspire those different groups, as well as how individuals can move up and become more valuable to the organization they serve.
Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got gives you 21 ways to beat the competition in business by working with the assets you have, but are not considering, learning to see opportunities where others see obstacles and doing things differently on purpose.
The Language Instinct argues that we are born with an innate capability to understand languages, that most of them are more similar than you might think and explains where our capability to deal with words so well comes from.
Superfreakonomics reveals how you can find non-obvious solutions to tricky problems by focusing on raw, hard data and thinking like an economist, which will get you closer to the truth than everyone else.
Mind Gym explains why the performance of world-class athletes isn’t only a result of their physical training, but just as much due to their mentally fit minds and shows you how you can cultivate the mindset of a top performer yourself.
Napoleon The Great is the definitive, modern biography of legendary leader, French idol and European visionary Napoleon Bonaparte, detailing his life from his early years as an immigrant, over his rise through the military ranks, all the way to his greatest battles, political achievements and ultimate exile.
Free: The Future Of A Radical Price explains how offering things for free has moved from marketing gimmick to truly sustainable business strategy, thanks to the power of the internet, and how free and freemium models are already changing how we sell stuff.