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Tony Fahkry

Tony is a leading self-empowerment author, expert speaker and coach. His comprehensive self-empowerment program, The Power to Navigate Life, teaches participants how to achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being using easy to follow principles.

The book which bears the same name is testimony to the principles espoused in the program. The book achieved local and international attention with NY Times Best Selling author Dr. Eldon Taylor contributing the foreword.

His follow-up book, Reconstructing the Past to Create a Remarkable Future, gained the attention of international author Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret who wrote the foreword. He has written a third book titled: Awaken Your Authentic Self whose foreword is written by the acclaimed spiritual author Dennis Merritt Jones.

Tony has a strong online writing profile in self-empowerment for websites including: Thought Catalog, Medium, Thrive Global, Mogul SelfGrowth, EzineArticles, Rizzarr, LinkedIn Pulse, Sivana East, Pick the Brain and more.

Have you noticed that some days your thoughts produce negatives emotions while other days those same thoughts seem insignificant. Why? What has changed apart from the day?
Facing your demons is a term for dealing with the repressed or unconscious aspects of your personality.
If we consider the present moment as perfect, what is meant to be will find its way into your life effortlessly.
To discover one’s identity becomes a journey of self-exploration. You might venture from one extreme to the other while finding your true identity lies somewhere in between. Hence, once you have determined your values, abide by them.
You may think living a good life requires a vast change in circumstances to leave your old life behind. To improve your life, focus on one key principle at a time until you embody the knowledge at a deeper level.
Kindness is sewn into the framework of our DNA. We are literally wired for kindness.
Your association with vulnerability requires a shift in awareness in order to strengthen your emotional well-being.
Some types of occurrences are difficult to explain via logic because the soul experiences what the mind cannot explain.
Happiness = Accepting what is and letting go of what you cannot control. It sounds simple right? Then why aren’t we happy?
Are you holding on to painful memories which you find difficult to let go of? Many people remain unconscious to these memories until they overwhelm them. In order to harness the richness of life we must be willing to let go of our pain. How?
Here’s the good news. Remaining stuck is only a perception and does not represent your actual reality. Now the not-so-good news. Feeling stuck is a sign something needs to change in your life. You might have an intuitive impulse to make those changes, but resist doing so for fear of change.
Two emotional states which carry a strong burden — guilt and shame. Healing these two states not only liberates you from carrying the burden of the past into the present moment, but the accompanying emotions of fear and anxiety are subsequently healed.
When we throw out expectations onto others, we set ourselves up for disappointment. We experience more peace and contentment when we stop expecting others to be who they’re not. Even if we believe they should “be a certain way,” it’s best to release the expectations altogether. This is where relationships get into trouble...
Like any journey, the intention to reach one’s destination is typically heralded by a goal or a plan, though you may not anticipate the rough waters ahead. That is, you might have to sail your boat in uncharted waters to reach your final destination. Life’s journey is filled with countless lessons, which many fail to concede when embroiled in their drama.