Written by Robert Vlach

I used to visit a fancy Starbucks café with fine-tuned business processes back in Gran Canaria, but the more organized it became, the more it sucked.
Here are the essential guidelines for managing your business workflows in the simplest of terms.
Overall reliability is a simple, but pretty accurate indicator of how well (or badly) managed a business is.
There are business processes so simple, they could be squeezed onto a Post-it note. However, they can still be greatly optimized.
Do you love your cell operator and their processes? I doubt it.
A well-established business runs smoothly, like a fine-tuned machine. The entrepreneur is an inventor, engineer and mechanic all-in-one, and process management is their tool for performance tuning.
Sure, in a perfect world. But in ours, this isn’t a good process practice.
Processes are the lifeblood of almost every business. Whether you realize you have them or not.
Many professionals and business owners can’t distinguish the two. They should.
If processes were people, the “orphans” would be the homeless kids wandering aimlessly in your business.
Get rid of overly complicated business process management. It is as simple as that.
Let’s face it. Business processes are tools of control and employees hate it when that type of control is being used against them.
There is some strong resistance against reporting in process management. Not all of it is unfounded.