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Richard Nixon: The Life presents the detailed biography of the thirty-seventh president of the United States, who became famous for his successful endeavours that put him in the White House and for his controversial life the complexities of being such a top tier political figure.
The Hidden Habits of Genius looks at how geniuses separate themselves from the rest by having in common a distinctive set of characteristics and habits that form a unique way of thinking and cultivating brilliance.
The Origins of Political Order emphasizes how the historical development of political systems worldwide can be traced back to the natural inclination of humans to favor blood relationships.
The Social Contract is a political piece of writing that serves as a pylon for the democracies of today, as it theorizes the elements of a free state where people agree to coexist with each other under the rules of a common body that represents the general will.
Advance a “Just Cause”; Build trusting teams; Learn from your “Worthy Rivals”; Practice existential flexibility; Demonstrate the courage to lead.
How To Be A Bawse briefly explores the life of Youtube superstar Lilly Singh and offers straightforward, yet practical advice on how to conquer your fears, follow your dreams and learn to use failures to your advantage in order to build the life you want to live.
The Slight Edge outlines the importance of doing small, little improvements in our everyday life to achieve a successful bigger picture, and how by focusing more on making better day-by-day choices you can shape a remarkable future.
Digital Renaissance uses empirical data to show that the digitization of media has led to a flood of art, but that its average quality hasn’t changed.
They Ask You Answer presents an innovative digital marketing approach that ditches the traditional flashy ads and embraces high-quality content instead.
The Practice talks about ways to enhance your creativity, boost your innovation, upgrade your creative process, and most importantly, get disciplined in your practice and turn your hobby into a professional endeavor.
Mind Hacking is a hands-on guide on how to transform your mind in just 21 days, which is the time required for your brain to form new habits and adapt to changes, and teaches you how to reprogram your brain to follow healthier, better habits, and ditch the self-sabotaging patterns that stand in your way.
Invisible Women talks about the flaws in our societal system, which was built on the premise that men should rule and conquer the world while women should stay at home, which is why we’re still seeing gender gaps in the personal, professional, and day-to-day lives of women.