Everything you need to know about entrepreneurship, marketing, and everything business related.

Cryptoassets is your guide to understanding this revolutionary new digital asset class and explains the history of Bitcoin, how to invest in it and other cryptocurrencies, and how the blockchain technology behind it all works.
Make Money Trading Options teaches the art of trading stock options, including the pitfalls to watch out for and how to use simple tools like the Test Trading Strategy and virtual trading tools to find stocks that are most likely to be profitable, so you don’tm have to just guess where to invest.
See You On The Internet is the ultimate beginner-level digital marketing guide that teaches you how to build an online business presence by doing everything from starting a website to managing social media accounts.
The Bitcoin Standard uses the history of money and gold to explain why Bitcoin is the way to go if the world wants to stick to having sound money and why it’s the only cryptocurrency to be focusing on right now.
The Design Of Everyday Things helps you understand why your inability to use some products isn’t your fault but instead is the result of bad design and how companies can use the principles of cognitive psychology to implement better design principles that actually solve your problems without creating more of them.
The World Until Yesterday identifies some of the most valuable lessons we can learn from societies of the past like hunter-gatherers, including how to resolve conflicts better, more effective ways to raise children, how to stay healthier for longer, and much more.
Doesn’t Hurt To Ask explains how to become a master of persuasion by asking all of the right questions and teaches how intentional questions are the key to sharing your ideas, connecting with your audience, and convincing people of your way of thinking whether you’re in the office or at home.
How To Be A Leader is Greek philosopher Plutarch’s guide to leadership and uses practical ideas, historical narratives, political events, and more to outline the qualities of the best leaders, including serving for the right reasons, speaking persuasively, and following more experienced leaders.
Boss It is a hands-on guide to entrepreneurship and what running business implies, from motivation, to hard work, consistency, great time management and a series of practical skills that are needed to fully succeed in this environment.
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits paves the way to success for all investors by outlining how to analyse stocks, understand the market, make smart investments and wise money decisions, and profit from them by being patient with the stock market and keeping your money in for the long-term.
Disney U outlines the principles that create the customer-centric philosophy of Disney and contribute to the company’s massive success, while also highlighting some aspects of their organizational culture, such as caring for their staff and providing high-quality training.
High-Impact Tools for Teams aims to combat recurring project-management problems that take place in teams and especially during meetings, which tend to get chaotic and deviate from their initial purpose, all through the Team Alignment Map, a solution proposed by the authors.
Legendary Service talks about the principles behind extraordinary customer service and how a company can implement them to achieve a competitive advantage and stand out on the market using simple, yet crucial tactics to satisfy customers.
Perfectly Confident explores the idea of confidence and offers a series of valuable practices that anyone can implement in their life to improve this aspect, as well as an overview of how confidence is supposed to look and feel like in its realest form, without adding or subtracting too much of it.
The Art of Rhetoric is an ancient, time-proven reference book that explores the secrets behind persuasion, rhetoric, and good public speaking by providing compelling information on what a good speech should consist of and how truth and virtue are at the foundation of every good story.
The Burnout Fix delivers practical advice on how to thrive in the dynamic working environment we revolve around every day by setting healthy boundaries, keeping a work-life balance, and prioritizing our well-being.
The Decision-Making Blueprint is a comprehensive guide to making better decisions, avoiding errors and expensive mistakes, learning how to automate your mind to choose better alternatives, and ultimately, improving your life by upgrading the decision-making process.
The Power of Focus offers its readers a focus-based approach that they can use to achieve their financial and personal goals through practical exercises and habits that they can implement into their daily lives to actively shape their future.
The Self-Discipline Blueprint delves into the subject of self-actualization and why it is crucial for humans to achieve a fulfilled and successful life by creating a routine and becoming focused, self-disciplined and hard-working.
_Be Fearless shows that radical changes are more effective than small enhancements and urges us to be bold in trying to make progress.