Everything you need to know about entrepreneurship, marketing, and everything business related.

Executive Presence is an insightful and actionable overview of the most essential components of a successful leader’s presence.
Founders at Work shows you how to start a successful business based on the principles of the founders of some of the world’s most famous and accomplished startups.
#GIRLBOSS shows that even an unconventional life can lead to success when you discover your passions and improve your skills in unusual and unpredictable ways.
Hit Refresh tells the inspiring story of an Indian boy named Satya Nadella, who eventually went on to become the CEO of Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world.
How Luck Happens shows you how to foster your own luck by creating the conditions for it to manifest itself in your work, love and all other aspects of life.
No Logo uses four parts, including “No Space,” “No Choice,” “No Jobs,” and “No Logo,” to explain the growth of brand power since the 1980s, how the focus of companies on image rather than products has affected employees, and to identify those who fight against large corporations and their brands.
No Rules Rules explains the incredibly unique and efficient company culture of Netflix, including the amazing levels of freedom and responsibcility it gives employees and how this innovative way of running the business is the very reason that Netflix is so successful.
Pivot will give you the confidence you need to change careers by showing you how to prepare by examining your strengths, working with the right people, testing ideas, and creating opportunities.
Spark teaches you how to become an influential, un-fireable asset to your team at work by taking on the role of a leader regardless of your position, utilizing the power of creative thinking to make better decisions, and learning how to be more self-aware and humble.
The Coach’s Survival Guide gives you all the tools that you need to become a successful coach and make the biggest positive impact on your clients.
The Execution Factor will show you how to become successful by utilizing the power of vision, passion, action, resilience, and relationships that propelled author Kim Perell from unemployed and broke to a multi-millionaire in just seven years.
Common Sense is a classic piece of US history that will help you see the importance of societies coming together to form a fair governmental system and how these ideas paved the way for the American revolution.
How Democracies Die explores the foundational ideas of democracy by looking at historical events, especially in Latin America, that show how democracies have failed, whether it can happen again, and how to protect democracy from threats like mutual toleration, inequality, and political parties.
Lives Of The Stoics is Ryan Holiday’s latest book, in which he and co-author Stephen Hansel take a deep dive into the experiences and beliefs of some of the earliest philosophers and followers of stoic virtues like justice, courage, and temperance.
Team Of Rivals explains why Abraham Lincoln rose above his political rivals despite their stronger reputations and how he used empathy to unite not just his enemies, but an entire country.
Titan will inspire you to keep working hard to make your business goals happen by sharing the life story of John D. Rockefeller Sr., from his humble beginnings to his astronomical success as an oil tycoon and beyond.
What Happened is Hillary Clinton’s post-mortem on the events and surprising result of her bid for the 2016 United States presidential election, including why she ran for president in the first place, what made it so hard for her to come out on top, and how the loss affected her after election night.
The Power Paradox frames the concept of power in an inspiring new narrative, which can help us create better and more equal relationships, workplaces, and societies.
The Passion Paradox explains the risks of blindly following what we love to do the most and teaches us how to cultivate our passions in a way that can lead us to a fulfilling life.
The Dip teaches us that, between starting and succeeding, there’s a time of struggle when we should either pursue excellence or quit strategically while helping us choose between the two.