Everything you need to know about entrepreneurship, marketing, and everything business related.

The Charge shows you how to unlock the baseline and forward human drives within you that will help you get energized, grounded, and working so that you can have the life of happiness and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.
The Box teaches how the drive and imagination of one entrepreneur impacted the world economy and changed the face of global trade with container shipping.
Subscribed helps your company move to a subscription model by identifying the history of this innovative idea, how it makes businesses so successful, and what you need to do to implement it in your own company.
Start Something That Matters encourages you to overcome your fear of the unknown and create a business that not only makes money but also helps people, even if you have few resources to start with.
Socialism by Michael Newman outlines the history of the governmental theory that everything should be owned and controlled by the community as a whole, including how this idea has impacted the world in the last 200 years, how its original aims have been lost, and ways we might use it in the future.
What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School teaches why succeeding in business has less to do with accumulated theoretical knowledge through schooling and books, and more about people and communication.
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There helps you overcome your personality traits and behaviors that stop you from achieving even more success.
Unlearn will show you how to win even in changing circumstances by revealing why the patterns you used for past successes won’t always work and how to adopt a learning attitude to stop them from holding you back.
Tribal Leadership explains the various ways people function within organizations and teaches you how to lead change and improve your organization’s culture.
Eat Sleep Work Repeat identifies why so many workplaces are unnecessarily stressful, how it makes employees unhappy and businesses less profitable, and what we all need to do to fix this growing problem.
The High 5 Habit is a self-improvement book that aims to help anyone who deals with self-limitations take charge of their life by establishing a morning routine, ditching negative talk, and transforming their life through positivity and confidence.
Real Help offers a hands-on approach to improving your life and achieving unconventional success through a happy, fulfilled, ordinary life, rather than fighting the broken system until you’ve got millions in the bank and out-of-the-ordinary achievements.
Long Life Learning questions the current educational systems worldwide in relation to an increasing trend in job automation, growing life expectancy, and a devaluation in higher degrees, all with a strong focus on the future of work and urgency to adapt to it.
Atlas of the Heart maps out a series of human emotions and their meaning and explores the psychology behind a human’s feelings and how they make up our lives and change our behaviors, and how to build meaningful connections by learning how to deal with them.
Storyworthy shows you how to tell a narrative that will impact others by outlining how to engage your audience throughout the start, end, and everything in between.
Never Split The Difference explains why you should never compromise and how to negotiate like a pro in your everyday life.
Leadershift will show you how to become a great leader by identifying the need to constantly improve your mindset and methods and showing you what to do so that you can make the biggest impact on your team and your organization.
Chernobyl teaches some fascinating and important history, science, and leadership lessons by diving into the details of the events leading up to the worst nuclear disaster in human history and its aftermath.
Big Potential will show you that the real secret to success and thriving in all aspects of life is developing strong connections with others and treating them in a way that lifts them up.
The Myth Of The Strong Leader reveals why being a bold, charismatic leader might not be all it’s cracked up to be even though people tend to think of good leaders in this light and explains how these individuals rise to power and some of the consequences of it happening on an international scale.