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Listen to our summary of The First 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins. We'll teach you the STARS framework and 2 more tools to nail any job transition!
Want a summary of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business? Listen to our 4-minute post for 3 lessons on how to start your solo business empire.
Maoism explores the ideology of Mao Zedong, the Chinese leader of the communist party of the twentieth century, and how he managed to turn his doctrine into a mass-adopted phenomenon that continues even today, under different forms and shapes.
1984 is the story of a man questioning the system that keeps his futuristic but dystopian society afloat and the chaos that quickly ensues once he gives in to his natural curiosity and desire to be free.
The Life-Changing Science of Detecting Bullshit teaches its readers how to avoid falling for the lies and false information that other people spread by helping them build essential thinking skills through examples from the real world.
No Hard Feelings is a practical book for better managing the emotional side of work and building the skills needed to enhance your performance both within your role and more broadly throughout your career path by finding motivation again and managing negative emotions.
Resilience will help you find joy in self-transformation, showing you ways to become more positive, hard-working, and face hardship with the kind of bravery and optimism that will get you through any challenge.
Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant is an inspiring read by Kiyosaki which comes as a sequel after his first groundbreaking book and presents how hard work doesn’t always equal becoming rich, as wealth is likely a result of smart money decisions.
The Art of Statistics is a non-technical book that shows how statistics is helping humans everywhere get a new hold of data, interpret numbers, fact-check information, and reveal valuable insights, all while keeping the world as we know it afloat.
The 1-Page Marketing Plan offers a hands-on guide to creating a simple, single-page marketing strategy that will help you find prospects, generate leads, keep them engaged, and close sales, all from scratch.
The 4 Minute Millionaire is a collection of 44 short lessons sourced from the best finance books, each paired with an action item to help you get closer to financial freedom in just 4 minutes a day.
Automate Your Busywork is a step-by-step guide to getting rid of your most dreaded tasks, fueled by the simple but sophisticated “Automation Flywheel,” which will help you reduce stress, get more done, and find time for your most meaningful work.
The Wealthy Gardener is a series of stories told from the perspective of an old, wealthy man, who shares the financial wisdom he’s acquired over many years with the members in his community, showing them how to build wealth step-by-step through short yet meaningful anecdotes.
The Person You Mean to Be teaches you how to navigate cognitive biases that may prevent you from forming meaningful relationships and experiencing the world as it is by leading you to wrongful assumptions or limitations about your environment or by anchoring you in your preexisting beliefs.
Raise Your Game delves into the philosophy of peak performance presented by a former basketball coach who achieved success by focusing on self-awareness, discipline, and a series of virtues.
Show Your Work! talks about the importance of being discoverable, showcasing your work like a professional, and networking properly, so that people remember your name and your work, instead of just shaking hands with you for a brief moment.