Money makes the world go around, or so the saying goes. Well, check out blogs that have anything to say about finance and more.

Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies is a hands-on guide on how to get started with investing in digital coins by placing a trade using a broker what they represent, and how to pick the right ones from the batch of cryptocurrencies available on the market.
Get Good With Money is a guide to creating a healthy relationship with money and achieving financial security
One Up on Wall Street talks about the challenges of being a stock market investor, while also exploring how anyone can pick good, well-performing stocks without having much knowledge in the field, by following a few key practices.
Stocks for the Long Run delves into the subject of investing and the implications that come with picking securities, whether they’re stocks, bonds, or commodities, having in mind the generally higher returns of stocks over the years and how to build a balanced portfolio that can face times of crisis.
Testing Business Ideas highlights the importance of trial and error, learning from mistakes and prototypes, and always improving your offerings in a business, so as to bring a successful product to the market that will sell instead of causing you troubles.
The Psychology of Money explores how money moves around in an economy and how personal biases and the emotional factor play an important role in our financial decisions, as well as how to think more rationally and make better decisions when it comes to money.
Value Proposition Design opens up a new perspective of what added value in a product consists of, how to find and target your market correctly, how you can design a product successfully, bring it forth to your prospects and have them be excited to buy it, all through the creation of a customer-centric business.
The End Of Power explains why the old positions of power aren’t as powerful as they used to be due to recent changes in society and technology and how this shift has put more influence in the hands of everyday citizens like you and what it might mean for the future of our governments and world.
2030 uses the current trajectory of the world, based on sociological, demographic, and technological trends, to outline the changes we can expect to happen in our lives by the beginning of the next decade.
Cryptoassets is your guide to understanding this revolutionary new digital asset class and explains the history of Bitcoin, how to invest in it and other cryptocurrencies, and how the blockchain technology behind it all works.
Life After Google explains why Silicon Valley is suffering a nervous breakdown as big data and machine intelligence comes to an end and the post-Google era dawns.
Make Money Trading Options teaches the art of trading stock options, including the pitfalls to watch out for and how to use simple tools like the Test Trading Strategy and virtual trading tools to find stocks that are most likely to be profitable, so you don’tm have to just guess where to invest.
Narrative Economics explains the influence that popular stories have on the way economies operate, including the rise of Bitcoin, stock market booms and crashes, the nature of epidemics, and more.
The Age Of Cryptocurrency explains the past, present, and future of Bitcoin, including its benefits and drawbacks, how it aligns with the definition of money well enough to be its own currency, how it and other cryptocurrencies will change our economy and the entire world.
The Bitcoin Standard uses the history of money and gold to explain why Bitcoin is the way to go if the world wants to stick to having sound money and why it’s the only cryptocurrency to be focusing on right now.
Dark Towers dives into the dirty inner workings and the rise and fall of Deutsche Bank, which contributed to many notable but not always beneficial events of the past 150 years, including the American railroad system, the Nazi regime, funding Russian oligarchs, and even the election of Donald Trump.
The Box teaches how the drive and imagination of one entrepreneur impacted the world economy and changed the face of global trade with container shipping.
Socialism by Michael Newman outlines the history of the governmental theory that everything should be owned and controlled by the community as a whole, including how this idea has impacted the world in the last 200 years, how its original aims have been lost, and ways we might use it in the future.
What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars shows you how to recognize and steer clear of the pitfalls of stock investing by sharing the story of one man who made some bad investment decisions and had to deal with some pretty terrible consequences because of them.
The Great Escape challenges the idea that the world is on fire by declaring that things have never been better in many ways, although the advancements we’ve made and the ways they have improved many lives haven’t reached everyone equally.