Money makes the world go around, or so the saying goes. Well, check out blogs that have anything to say about finance and more.

Restart tells the story of how India was on the edge of becoming a leader in the world’s economy a few years ago but instead succumbed to the problems that have held it back in the past and continue to do so today and shares some ideas about how the country might resolve these issues.
Why Nations Fail dives into the reasons why economic inequality is so common in the world today and identifies that poor decisions of those in political power are the main reason for unfairness rather than culture, geography, climate, or any other factor.
Digital Gold details the beginnings of Bitcoin, including how it was developed, why it’s early years were such a struggle, the many people that contributed to its rise, and how it’s changed our world so far and why it will continue doing so for a long time.
A Beautiful Mind tells the fascinating story of the mathematical genius, mental illness, and miraculous recovery and success of John Nash Jr.
A People’s History Of The United States will help you improve the world by giving you a better understanding of the true, sometimes shameful, story of this America’s rise to power.
Building Social Business will teach you how to change the world for the better by starting a company that does good for mankind, giving you all the answers about how they work and how to begin one of your own.
Adaptive Markets gives you a better understanding of how the movement of money in the world works by outlining the characteristics of the market, some of which are more like living creatures than you might think.
Dark Money dives into the depths of the greed and corruption in the American political system by revealing the story of the Koch brothers who have been enabling the ultra-wealthy to influence political decisions for decades.
Capitalism shows you how the movement of money in the world really works by outlining the dominant system in the world and its origins and future.
Capitalism And Freedom helps you understand some of the most important factors protecting your liberty by outlining the government’s role in economics and how things go best when political entities are small and stay out of the flow of money in a country.
Winners Take All helps you see the ultra-rich in a more accurate light by identifying their shady strategies, including using the idea of “making the world a better place” as a front that only serves as a way to solidify their wealth and power.
Moneyland uncovers the mystery of how the rich keep getting richer by revealing the great lengths they’ll go to so they can avoid taxes and other things that threaten their wealth.
Business Adventures will teach you how to run a company, invest in the stock market, change jobs, and many other things by sharing some of the most interesting experiences that big companies and their leaders have had over the last century.
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism will help you think more clearly about our current economic state by uncovering the hidden consequences of free-market capitalism and offering solutions that could give us all a more fair world.
The Man Who Solved The Market shares the interesting story of Jim Simons’s rise to wealth and success that came from him tapping into his math genius to make incredible gains in stock market investments.
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