If you're interested in healthy habits, eating and taking care of yourself in general, you're bound to find inspiration here.

When The Body Says No will help you become healthier by teaching you the truth behind the mind-body connection, revealing how your mental state does in fact affect your physical condition and how you can improve both.
What to Eat When teaches us how food works inside our body and how to feed ourselves in a way that better suits our biology, making us healthier and stronger.
The Kindness Method by Shahroo Izadi teaches how self-compassion and understanding make forming habits easier than being hard on yourself, using the personal experiences of the author and what she’s learned as an addiction recovery therapist to show how self-esteem is the true key to behavior change.
The End Of Illness will change the way that you think of sickness and health by identifying the problems with the current mindset around them and how focusing on the systems within your body instead of disease will help you make better-informed decisions that will keep you on the path of good health.
The Emperor Of All Maladies details the beginnings and progress in our understanding of cancer, including how we first started learning about it, began developing ways to treat it and discovered ways to prevent it, and the biological effect that it has on us.
The Blue Zones Solution shows you how to adopt the lifestyle and mindset practices of the healthiest, longest-living people on the planet from the five locations with the highest population of centenarians.
My Morning Routine is the ultimate guide to building healthy habits in the hours right after you wake up with tips backed up by the experiences of some of the most successful people in the world, including Ryan Holiday, Chris Guillebeau, Nir Eyal, and many more.
Kaizen is Japanese for “change for the better” or “continuous improvement,” and is also the title of a book by Sarah Harvey which explains this business philosophy that has expanded into the personal growth arena to give a clear pathway to reaching your goals through consistent incremental changes.
Journey Of Awakening explains the basics of meditation using ideas from multiple spiritual sources, including how to avoid the mental traps that make it difficult so you can practice frequently and make mindfulness, and the many benefits that come with it, part of your daily life.
I Contain Multitudes will make you smarter and healthier by teaching you about the tiny ecosystems of microbes that live inside your body and on everything you see and by showing you how they affect your life and how to utilize them to improve your well-being.
Getting COMFY will show you how to improve each day of your life by identifying why you need to begin the right way and giving a step-by-step framework to make it happen.
Feel Great Lose Weight by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee is a book that goes beyond fad diets and quick fixes for weight problems and instead dives into the science of how your body really works when you put food into it and how you can use this information to be fitter and feel better.
Cooked is a historical exploration of the human relationship with food and cooking, combined with practical ideas on how to improve your diet by preparing more of your own food.
Breath is a fascinating and helpful guide to understanding the science of breathing, including how doing it slowly and through your nose is best for your lungs and body, and the many proven mental and physical benefits of being more mindful of how you inhale and exhale.
75 Hard is a fitness challenge and book that teaches mental toughness by making you commit to five daily critical tasks for 75 days straight, including drinking a gallon of water, reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book, doing two 45-minute workouts, taking a progress picture, and following a diet.
Counterclockwise is a critical look at current perspectives on health with a particular focus on how we can improve our own when we shift from being mindless to mindful.
Beyond Order is the follow-up to Jordan Peterson’s bestselling book 12 Rules for Life and identifies another 12 rules to live by that help us live with and even embrace the chaos that we struggle with every day, identifying that too much order can be a problem just as much as too much disorder.
The Bullet Journal Method explains the unique system for organizing and taking notes that millions are using to be more productive, improve their mindfulness, prioritize tasks, schedule appointments, solidify ideas, and most of all, set goals, make plans to achieve them and track their progress.
The Art of Stopping Time teaches a framework of mindfulness, philosophy, and time-management you can use to achieve Time Prosperity, which is having plenty of time to reach your dreams without overwhelm, tumult, or constriction.
Feral will help you find ways to improve the well-being of humanity by illustrating the deep connection between us and Nature and offering actionable advice on how to preserve balance in our ecosystems through rewilding.