If you're interested in healthy habits, eating and taking care of yourself in general, you're bound to find inspiration here.

The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober will help you have a happier and healthier life by persuasively revealing the many disadvantages of alcohol and the benefits of going without it permanently.
Pandemic gives you an understanding of what pathogens and diseases are, how they evolve, what our lifestyle does to make them worse on us, how they can spread like wildfire, and most importantly, what we can do to stop them.
Mind Over Clutter helps you take steps to improve your mental health, physical health, and the environment by showing you why having too much junk is so bad for you and outlining how to get rid of it all.
Braiding Sweetgrass offers some great ways for all of us to take better care of and be more grateful for our planet by explaining the way that Native Americans view and take care of it.
Alone Together is a book that will make you want to have a better relationship with technology by revealing just how much we rely on it and the ways our connection to it is growing worse and having negative effects on us all.
The Double Helix tells the story of the discovery of DNA, which is one of the most significant scientific findings in all of history, by explaining the rivalries, struggles of the prideful scientific community to work together, and other roadblocks that James Watson had on the way to making the breakthrough of a lifetime that would change his life and the entire world.
The Power Paradox frames the concept of power in an inspiring new narrative, which can help us create better and more equal relationships, workplaces, and societies.
Game Changers reveals the secrets that some of the most impactful people in the world use to hack their biology and win at life and will teach you how to achieve your goals and be happy.
What is ASMR? What does the science say about it? What does ASMR suggest about your personality and could it be used as a mental therapy?
Can phone usage impact longevity? By raising levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, excessive phone usage may also threaten our long-term health.
What if we exercised love and acceptance and respected each other’s boundaries? What if we vowed to do no harm and actually meant it?
Being sick is draining, healing takes time, and a conversation can be just as important as a prescription.
We may come to find that the best medicine is that over which we have the most autonomy, our personal habits, if we are only willing to modify our behaviors and step into the sunlight...
The Telomere Effect shows you how to live healthier and stay younger longer by identifying an important part of your physiology that you might have never heard of and teaching you how to take great care of it.
The Sleep Solution improves your quality of life by identifying the myths surrounding rest that keep you from getting more of it, showing you why they’re false, and teaching you how to establish proper sleep hygiene.
The Plant Paradox helps you make better food decisions and eat healthier by arguing that some plant foods that we think are healthy can actually be harming us and making it harder to lose weight.
The Joy Of Movement is just what you need to finally find the motivation to get out and exercise more often by teaching you the scientific reasons why it’s good for you and why your body is designed to enjoy it.
The Body helps you become smarter about how to take care of and use this mechanism that lets you have life by explaining how it’s put together, what happens on the inside, and how it works.
The Beautiful Cure makes you smarter by showing you how your immune system works and how recent advancements in our understanding of it can help us improve our health like never before.
The 4 Pillar Plan is your guide to the right diet, exercise, relaxation, and sleep decisions that will improve your health dramatically.