If you're interested in healthy habits, eating and taking care of yourself in general, you're bound to find inspiration here.

Humor, Seriously explores how bringing fun and entertainment into the workplace can enhance team productivity, spark creativity, increase trust between members and improve people’s overall sentiment in relation to work and job-related activities.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle gives ways to improve your health and the environment by learning how to garden, cook, and eat more fruits and vegetables.
Comfortably Unaware is a well-researched compendium on how our food choices and animal agriculture impact the well-being of the whole planet.
Do Nothing explores the idea that our focus on being productive all the time is making us less effective because of how little rest we get, identifying how the consequences of overworking ourselves, and the benefits of taking time off, make a compelling argument that we should spend more time doing nothing.
Eating Animals reveals the true burden of the modern-day meat industry that we all bear as a society and details the environmental, health-related, and ethical consequences.
Digital Minimalism shows us where to draw the line with technology and how taking time off our digital devices is the key to living a focused life in a noisy world.
Unbeatable Mind explores the idea that everyone has a higher self-potential lying underneath that they ought to explore and tap into in order to live their life to the fullest and maximize their happiness and success, all possible through the 20X rule.
The Joy of Missing Out explores today’s idea of productivity and common misconceptions about what it means to be productive, as well as how eliminating unnecessary stress by prioritizing effectively can help us live a better life.
The Happiness Trap offers an easy-to-follow, practical guide to implementing Acceptances and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an effective method for loosening the grip of negative emotions so you can follow your values in life.
Safe People focuses on the importance of recognizing the types of people, distinguishing between the safe and unsafe ones, avoiding toxic relationships, and establishing meaningful ones by reading people and trusting God.
Girls & Sex uncovers the hidden struggle that many young women are having as they begin navigating the realm of sex and sexuality, identifying how pop culture and society’s expectations are hurting them more than they should and what we can do to help girls feel empowered to choose to be who and what they want.
Intimacy And Desire uses case studies of couples in therapy to show how partners can turn their normal sexual struggles and issues with sexual desire into a journey of personal, spiritual, and psychological growth that leads to a stronger bond and deeper, healthier desires for each other.
The World Until Yesterday identifies some of the most valuable lessons we can learn from societies of the past like hunter-gatherers, including how to resolve conflicts better, more effective ways to raise children, how to stay healthier for longer, and much more.
Social Intelligence is a complete guide to the neuroscience of relationships, explaining how your social interactions shape you and how you can use these effects to your advantage.
Survival Of The Friendliest explains why the #1 thing you can do for success is to focus on your social connections, how friendliness was the reason that our early ancestors survived as well as they did, and what you can do today to grow your social capital.
The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober will help you have a happier and healthier life by persuasively revealing the many disadvantages of alcohol and the benefits of going without it permanently.
Pandemic gives you an understanding of what pathogens and diseases are, how they evolve, what our lifestyle does to make them worse on us, how they can spread like wildfire, and most importantly, what we can do to stop them.
Mind Over Clutter helps you take steps to improve your mental health, physical health, and the environment by showing you why having too much junk is so bad for you and outlining how to get rid of it all.
Braiding Sweetgrass offers some great ways for all of us to take better care of and be more grateful for our planet by explaining the way that Native Americans view and take care of it.