If you're interested in healthy habits, eating and taking care of yourself in general, you're bound to find inspiration here.

Want a summary of Built to Move by Kelly & Juliet Starrett? Here are their 10 habits for better movement (3 in detail) in just 4 minutes.
Listen to our summary of Outlive by Dr. Peter Attia, the #1 bestseller, to discover 3 tips for improving your exercise, nutrition, and sleep today.
The Art of Living talks about living a peaceful life through meditation and gratitude, especially by using the Vipassana meditation technique and the philosophy behind Buddhism, which promotes developing a clearer vision of life and seeing things as they truly are.
Super Human presents the groundbreaking discoveries of Dave Asprey (the CEO of Bulletproof) in the field of diet & nutrition, biohacking, longevity, and offers a scientific view on how to live your best life and look like the best version of yourself by adopting practices acclaimed by bioengineers right away.
This Is Your Mind On Plants is an analysis of three conscious-altering substances — opium, caffeine and mescaline — which humans have been using for thousands of years, as well as how their effects have shaped our bodies, culture, and history, showing that, beyond arguing about their legalities, we must understand their potential to help us connect with both nature and ourselves in new ways.
Dopamine Nation talks about the importance of living a balanced life in relation to all the pleasure and stimuli we’re surrounded with on a daily basis, such as drugs, devices, porn, gambling facilities, showing us how to avoid becoming dopamine addicts by restricting our access to them.
The Financial Diet is a compendium of clever money tips for beginners, offering thrifty spending advice and sound money strategies in a wide range of areas, such as budgeting, investing, work, food, home, and even love.
Mindful Work is your guide to understanding how the practice of meditation got its roots in Western society, the many ways it radically improves your brain’s ability to do almost everything, and how it will improve your productivity.
No Excuses! teaches us that self-discipline is the key to success and gives us practical advice to master it and achieve self-actualization, happy relationships, and financial security.
The Longevity Paradox explores ways to live a longer, healthier life and “die young” as a senior, instead of having to go through illnesses, all by focusing on the microbiome and improving our lifestyle as heart surgeon Steven Grundy suggests.
The 100-Year Life teaches you how to be resourceful and prepare ahead of time for a world in which people not only live longer but reach an age in the triple-digits, and talks about what you should be doing right now to ensure you have enough money for retirement.
Keto Answers is your go-to guide on how to get started with the ketogenic diet, its positive implications on your health and proneness to diseases like diabetes, and a fact-based study that debunks myths and assumptions about following a low-carb diet.
Intuitive Eating explores the philosophy of eating according to your body’s needs and ditching diets, eating trends, and other limiting eating programs in favor of a well-balanced lifestyle built on personal body-related needs.
Healthy at 100 addresses the importance of maintaining healthy habits such as exercising or simply keeping your body moving, practicing gratitude and avoiding stress by being kind and loving, and overall keeping yourself healthy in the long run by using the simplest yet the most effective practices that have passed the test of time.
Daily Rituals is a compilation of the best practices and habits of successful people from different fields aimed to help anyone increase productivity, get past writer’s block, and become more creative and efficient in their everyday work.