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Kindness is sewn into the framework of our DNA. We are literally wired for kindness.
Why being organized is not the only way to be productive, creative, and happy, according to science.
There are more differences than similarities between artists and startup founders, but there is one critical likeness that is required: a foundational belief that the work they are doing is valuable.
It only takes one true sentence — you don’t even have to finish it
When everyone’s “a writer,” how you describe yourself matters
We’ll never “go back to normal,” but we can make the most of today.
Sharing our top 10 marriage tips - we've been together for over 30 years, and married for 28, and are still happy - so we must be doing something right!
In today's real estate market, agents highly recommend taking the trouble to style your home for sale.
Some women want to age gracefully; others are intent on growing old, disgracefully!
I'm firmly in Generation X territory, while my kids are millennials.
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really care about physically traveling..
Stereotype suggests I’m about to order a pink drink at a bar and complain about men while wearing heels and carrying a designer bag I can’t afford. I’m not. I’m not going to complain, moan, or hate. I carry a backpack and it’s within my budget. I prefer a good ankle boot. I just want to talk about New York. I want to talk about what happens here.
I’m always on time. Punctuality is a big thing with me. I don’t believe in being late, in wasting someone else’s time by making them wait for me. Their time is important, too. So when I walked into the date six minutes late I felt terrible. That feeling was fleeting.
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