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We may come to find that the best medicine is that over which we have the most autonomy, our personal habits, if we are only willing to modify our behaviors and step into the sunlight...
Once seen as a financial faux pas, I’ve learned to embrace my day job for the many entrepreneurial benefits it offers. Sitting here today, I feel as though a day job will always have a place in my life and my heart. Here’s why…
“You” is not one thing. In fact, it’s not a thing at all. It’s an action. A beautifully unique verb. You, loves, laughs, and develops. It grows and gains new perspectives.
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When's the time for your mind to take a break? And what does your mind need to truly rest?
Some types of occurrences are difficult to explain via logic because the soul experiences what the mind cannot explain.
Happiness = Accepting what is and letting go of what you cannot control. It sounds simple right? Then why aren’t we happy?
There has to be some world in which we get important things done with focus, but we don’t subsequently shave years off our lives with lack of sleep, stress, and exhaustion. So, how do we reinvent productivity in a way that keeps the good parts of it, but chucks the bad?
It’s easy to chalk the day or the project up to a “learning experience” and start the next day or project with a blank (and thus, perfect) slate. Most of the time, this is absolutely the wrong move. Here are three ways your perfectionism is killing your side hustle…and what to do instead.
If you’re not careful with how you deal with harmful self-talk, it can impact both your work performance and your life in general.
While day batching as a concept may seem simple, I have learned a few things since I started using the system about a year ago. Here’s a step-by-step plan for making it work for you.
We glorify concepts like motivation, inspiration and willpower — and they are glorious but very unreliable and unrelated to lasting success. It is not only possible to get things done without motivation and inspiration, but expecting them to be the power that propels you forward is downright detrimental to success.
Not being always available is not manipulation. It just means that you can have a full life and you can choose yourself before you decide to sacrifice your time and resources for someone else.
Can we please factor daily contentment into the equation of being successful? Can we aim for enjoying the small things instead of always putting them off in favour of long-term rewards?