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It only takes one true sentence — you don’t even have to finish it
When everyone’s “a writer,” how you describe yourself matters
We’ll never “go back to normal,” but we can make the most of today.
I'm firmly in Generation X territory, while my kids are millennials.
Some women want to age gracefully; others are intent on growing old, disgracefully!
In today's real estate market, agents highly recommend taking the trouble to style your home for sale.
Sharing our top 10 marriage tips - we've been together for over 30 years, and married for 28, and are still happy - so we must be doing something right!
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really care about physically traveling..
I’m always on time. Punctuality is a big thing with me. I don’t believe in being late, in wasting someone else’s time by making them wait for me. Their time is important, too. So when I walked into the date six minutes late I felt terrible. That feeling was fleeting.
... sondern wir Erwachsene. Auch als Familie ist (fast) alles möglich - und dazu braucht man selten viel Gepäck und teure Helferlein!
Unsere Erfahrungen mit der kostenlosen Neusiedler See Card!
„Reisen mit Kindern - und noch dazu mit wenig Gepäck, kaum Planung und kleinem Budget… des würde ich mich ja nieeee trauen..."
Ich oute mich gleich zu Beginn. Das Thema "Vergleichen" hat mich lange Zeit in meinem Leben begleitet. Doch in den letzten Monaten habe ich endlich ein paar Dinge WIRKLICH verstanden...
Es könnte eigentlich so einfach sein, doch in der heutigen Zeit haben wir viele wichtige Dinge verlernt!
Stereotype suggests I’m about to order a pink drink at a bar and complain about men while wearing heels and carrying a designer bag I can’t afford. I’m not. I’m not going to complain, moan, or hate. I carry a backpack and it’s within my budget. I prefer a good ankle boot. I just want to talk about New York. I want to talk about what happens here.
Diese kritische Frage in Richtung digitale Nomaden ist ganz sicher nicht unberechtigt, weshalb ich mich damit auseinandergesetzt habe.
Digitale Selbständigkeit bedeutet nicht nur Kokosnuss und Palmen, sondern oft auch goldener Käfig. Was ich damit meine, liest du hier.
Eine spannende Diskussion, die ich in den letzten Wochen immer wieder geführt habe, drehte sich um den Stellenwert eines Zuhauses.
Freiheit bedeutet, keinen äußeren und inneren Zwängen folgen zu müssen. Wirklich frei ist aber nur, wer Freiheiten Handlungen folgen lässt.
Was ist der Sinn des Lebens? Warum bist du hier? Hast du eine Aufgabe? Wenn ja, welche? Jede Denkschule beantwortet diese Frage auf ihre eigene Weise. In diesem Beitrag geht es nicht um Religionen, sondern um ganz praktische Überlegungen zum Lebensweg.
We decided we wanted to motorbike in Vietnam after having such an amazing time riding around the Thakhek loop in Laos. We spent a week in…
Located in a fishing village in Palawan the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the…
After 6 weeks in Thailand we were more than ready to move on and experience a new country, and of course new food and beer!
Travelling is awesome. Nothing below would stop me backpacking around the world but let’s be honest here. In amongst the pictures of…
The 5th December 2018 marked 2 years of travelling with my best friend and partner in crime James. This is the story of how it all began.
I asked thousands of readers what they think it *really* means to be a minimalist. Here's what you had to say about "living with less".
After struggling with expectations and feeling I always needed to do MORE, a lesson in self-worth helped me embrace doing less and feeling good about it.
How minimalism changed my life - a must read if you're on the fence about minimalism or in need of inspiration to continue on your minimalist journey.
How I became a minimalist - my long (and sometimes painful)  journey from shopaholic to joyfully living with less.
These hard truths about simple living offer a balanced view of how it can change your life—because, for all the benefits, there are also limitations.
I always wanted to work remotely. When I moved to Oxford, I used to run at 6am to my work. Each day, mostly in dark, I ran along a house where a light was on. I could not see inside but I saw a room full of bookshelves, a desk, a lamp and a man behind the desk. The man was always writing something. Every morning, unless I rode my bike, the same view. I wanted to be at his place very much.
Learning is essential for you. Even more, if working for yourself. The easiest mistake that anyone can make is ignoring constant and continuous learning.
We fear of any changes the most. Nothing gives us more comfort than a false feeling of stability. We want to experience new things in life but we don't want to get exposed to the changes itself.