Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

You’ll See It When You Believe It shows you how to discover your true, best self by revealing how to use the power of your mind to find peace with yourself, the people around you, and the universe.
Why We Sleep will motivate you get more and better quality sleep by showing you the recent scientific findings on why sleep deprivation is bad for individuals and society.
Tiny Habits shows you the power of applying small changes to your routine to unleash the full power that habits have to make your life better.
Think Small gives the science-backed secrets to following through with your goals, identifying seven key components that will help you use your own human nature to your advantage for wild success like you’ve never had before.
The Power Of Bad gives some excellent tips on how to become happier by identifying your tendency toward negativity and what psychology and research have to show you about how to beat it.
The Miracle of Mindfulness teaches the ancient Buddhist practice of mindfulness and how living in the present will make you happier.
The Body Keeps The Score teaches you how to get through the difficulties that arise from your traumatic past by revealing the psychology behind them and revealing some of the techniques therapists use to help victims recover.
Super Brain explores the idea that through increased self-awareness and conscious intention we can teach our brain to perform at a higher level than we thought possible.
Suggestible You helps you understand and utilize the power of your mind-body connection by explaining the effect that your thoughts have on your body, including pain, illness, and memory and how to take advantage of it.
Own Your Everyday shows you how to let go of comparison, stress, and distractions so you can find your purpose and live a more fulfilling life by sharing inspiring lessons from the experiences of author Jordan Lee Dooley.
An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth teaches you how to live better by taking lessons from the rigorous requirements of going to outer space and applying them to everyday life.
30 Lessons For Loving gives the relationship advice of hundreds of couples who have stayed together into old age and will teach you how to have happiness and longevity in your love life.
In Search Of Excellence is a study of America’s top 15 companies, revealing what entrepreneurs should focus on if they want their businesses to thrive.
Change By Design makes you a better problem solver at every aspect of life by outlining the design thinking process that companies can use to innovate and improve.
Business Model Generation teaches you how to start your own company by explaining the details of matching your customer’s needs with your product’s capabilities, managing finances, and everything else involved in the planning stages of entrepreneurship.
Business Adventures will teach you how to run a company, invest in the stock market, change jobs, and many other things by sharing some of the most interesting experiences that big companies and their leaders have had over the last century.
The Wisdom Of Finance is a fascinating book that identifies the differences and similarities between the world of money and life experiences like relationships, showing how principles from each of these can benefit each other.
The Ride Of A Lifetime shares the inspirational story of Robert Iger, including his journey to becoming the CEO of Disney and how his vision, strategy, and leadership guided the company through a time when it’s future was uncertain.