Personal Development

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Cryptoassets is your guide to understanding this revolutionary new digital asset class and explains the history of Bitcoin, how to invest in it and other cryptocurrencies, and how the blockchain technology behind it all works.
Digital Minimalism shows us where to draw the line with technology and how taking time off our digital devices is the key to living a focused life in a noisy world.
Make Money Trading Options teaches the art of trading stock options, including the pitfalls to watch out for and how to use simple tools like the Test Trading Strategy and virtual trading tools to find stocks that are most likely to be profitable, so you don’tm have to just guess where to invest.
See You On The Internet is the ultimate beginner-level digital marketing guide that teaches you how to build an online business presence by doing everything from starting a website to managing social media accounts.
Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now shows why you should quit social media because it stops joy, makes you a jerk, erodes truth, kills empathy, takes free will, keeps the world insane, destroys authenticity, blocks economic dignity, makes politics a mess, and hates you.
The Design Of Everyday Things helps you understand why your inability to use some products isn’t your fault but instead is the result of bad design and how companies can use the principles of cognitive psychology to implement better design principles that actually solve your problems without creating more of them.
You Are Not A Gadget will help you get a better grasp on how much the internet undervalues your individuality by explaining the history of the digital world, the worrying path that it has put us on, and how we might make changes as a society to fix these problems.
Adapt proposes a surprising approach to accepting failure as a part of the innovation process.
Be Where Your Feet Are explores the enlightening life lessons that one of America’s top-tier sports personalities has to give, from being present in the moment and living in a meaningful way, to achieving a more fulfilling and successful life.
Do What Matters Most outlines the importance of time management in anyone’s life and explores highly efficient methods to set goals for short-term and long-term intervals, as well as how to achieve them by being more productive and learning how to prioritize.
Fail Fast Fail Often outlines the importance of accepting failure as a natural part of our life, and how by embracing it instead of fearing it can improve the way we evolve, grow, learn and respond to new experiences and people.
Lateral Thinking brings forth a new approach to the problem-solving process by proving how creativity and ditching vertical thinking can enhance the brain’s efficiency and make it find new ways of looking at a problem from new, innovative angles and outside-the-box perspectives.
The Alter Ego Effect offers a practical approach on how to construct and benefit from alter egos, or the little heroes inside you, so as to achieve your desired goals and build a successful life with the help of a few key role models that you can borrow some attributes from or even impersonate in times of need.
The Last Lecture offers significant insights about the meaning of life and how to seize opportunities from the perspective of a man facing death, who advises everyone to live a good life and have a positive impact on the world.
The Little Book of Talent explores the concept of talents, skills and capabilities, and offers a multitude of effective tips and tricks on how to acquire hard skills using methods tested by top performers worldwide.
Unbeatable Mind explores the idea that everyone has a higher self-potential lying underneath that they ought to explore and tap into in order to live their life to the fullest and maximize their happiness and success, all possible through the 20X rule.
When Bad Things Happen To Good People explains why even the best of people sometimes suffer from adversity, and how we can turn our pain into something meaningful instead of lamenting it.
Why Does He Do That? reveals the nature of male abusers, ways to identify them early, and how to respond to their threats.
Unfu*k Yourself offers practical advice on how to get out of your self-destructive thoughts and take charge of your life by learning how to control them and motivate yourself to take more responsibility for your life than you ever have before.
U Thrive explores the topic of college life and offers practical advice on how to diminish stress and anxiety from exams, deadlines, unfitting roommates, while thriving in the campus, academic life, and creating meaningful experiences.