Personal Development

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Inner Engineering is a guide to creating a life of happiness by exploring your internal landscape of thoughts and feelings and learning to align them with what the universe tells you.
Hyperfocus teaches you how to become more efficient and improve your concentration by deciding on one thing to work on, focusing only on that task, learning to understand when your mind has wandered and redirecting your attention back to your work, and thinking creatively when you’re not working.
How To Fail shows the surprising benefits of going through a difficult time through the experiences of the author, Elizabeth Day, including the failures in her life that she’s grateful for and how they’ve helped her grow, uncovering why we shouldn’t be so afraid of failure but instead embrace it.
Bounce Back is a book by Susan Kahn, a business coach who will teach you the psychology of resilience from the perspectives of Greek philoscorophy, Sigmund Freud, and modern neuroscience, so you can recover quickly from professional blunders of all kinds by changing your thinking.
Beyond Order is the follow-up to Jordan Peterson’s bestselling book 12 Rules for Life and identifies another 12 rules to live by that help us live with and even embrace the chaos that we struggle with every day, identifying that too much order can be a problem just as much as too much disorder.
The Bullet Journal Method explains the unique system for organizing and taking notes that millions are using to be more productive, improve their mindfulness, prioritize tasks, schedule appointments, solidify ideas, and most of all, set goals, make plans to achieve them and track their progress.
The Art of Stopping Time teaches a framework of mindfulness, philosophy, and time-management you can use to achieve Time Prosperity, which is having plenty of time to reach your dreams without overwhelm, tumult, or constriction.
Make Your Bed encourages you to pursue your goals and change the lives of others for the better by showing that success is a combination of individual willpower and mutual support.
Goals! By Brian Tracy shows you how to unleash the power of goal setting to help you get or become whatever you want, identifying ways to set goals that lead you to success by being specific, challenging yourself, thinking positively, preparing, adjusting your timelines on big goals, and more.
Forgiving What You Can’t Forget teaches you how to heal from past traumas that still haunt you today by going through the lessons that author Lysa TerKeurst learned from childhood abuse and an unfaithful spouse, which have helped her find peace even in tough situations by forgiving those who have wronged her.
Everything Is F*cked explains what’s wrong with our approach towards happiness and gives philosophical suggestions that help us make our lives worth living.
Born To Win is a book by Zig Ziglar and his son Tom Ziglar in which they explore how planning and preparation is the only way to win in life and shows you how to use these tools in combination with a vision for your life, goals, and thinking positively to become a winner in all aspects of life.
Aware is a comprehensive overview of the far-reaching benefits of meditation, rooted in both science and practice, enriched with actionable advice on how to practice mindfulness.
What I Know For Sure encourages you to create the life you want by pursuing excellence, practicing gratitude, and leveraging bad experiences to become stronger.
What Are You Doing With Your Life is a book by the great philosopher and teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti, who turns traditional ideas about happiness and the purpose of life on its head by diving into the details of life’s most important questions so you can live with intention and joy more consistently.
The Way Of Integrity uses science, spirituality, humor, and Dante’s Divine Comedy to teach you how to find well-being, healing, a sense of purpose, and much more by rediscovering integrity, or the recently lost art of living true to yourself by what you do, think and say.
The Latte Factor teaches us how to overcome limiting beliefs about money and build our financial freedom through small daily choices.
It takes some self-reflection and accepting a couple of harsh truths to be able to snap out of the state of self-sabotage. And the first step is to understand how you are doing it to yourself. What everyday habits and mishaps are holding you back from living a fuller, more accomplished life — whatever it means for you?
We glorify concepts like motivation, inspiration and willpower — and they are glorious but very unreliable and unrelated to lasting success. It is not only possible to get things done without motivation and inspiration, but expecting them to be the power that propels you forward is downright detrimental to success.
Not being always available is not manipulation. It just means that you can have a full life and you can choose yourself before you decide to sacrifice your time and resources for someone else.