Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

The Motivation Manifesto explores how we can find purpose and meaningfulness in our lives by discovering our inner motivators and overcoming our fears, tapping into our inner power and living life fully and freely.
The Joy of Missing Out explores today’s idea of productivity and common misconceptions about what it means to be productive, as well as how eliminating unnecessary stress by prioritizing effectively can help us live a better life.
The Happiness Trap offers an easy-to-follow, practical guide to implementing Acceptances and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an effective method for loosening the grip of negative emotions so you can follow your values in life.
The Great Mental Models addresses the importance of forming the right thinking processes and how to improve your decision-making process by targeting efforts more efficiently and learning lessons from everything that surrounds you.
The Comfort Book explores how depression feels like and its effects on our mind and body, and how we can overcome it by taking small, but significant steps in that direction, starting with finding hope, being more present at the moment, and acknowledging that we’re enough.
The Antidote will explain everything that’s wrong with positivity-based self-help advice and what you should do instead to feel, live, and be happier.
Safe People focuses on the importance of recognizing the types of people, distinguishing between the safe and unsafe ones, avoiding toxic relationships, and establishing meaningful ones by reading people and trusting God.
No More Mr. Nice Guy explores ways to eliminate the “Nice Guy Syndrome”, which implies being a man that avoids conflicts at all costs and prefers to show only his nice side to the world, even when it affects him negatively by damaging his personality and preventing him from achieving his goals in life.
Boys & Sex shares the best insights that Peggy Orenstein had after two years of asking young men about their sex lives, including why stereotypes make life harder for them, how hookup culture is destroying relationships, and what we as a society can do to help these boys have better, healthier views about and experiences with sex.
Hood Feminism explores the idea that traditional feminism only seeks to improve life for white women and not all women, arguing that true equality and inclusivity means seeking to lift all women, including those of color.
How To Love teaches the secrets of caring for and connecting with yourself, your partner, and everyone in the world by looking at love through the lens of mindfulness.
Intimacy And Desire uses case studies of couples in therapy to show how partners can turn their normal sexual struggles and issues with sexual desire into a journey of personal, spiritual, and psychological growth that leads to a stronger bond and deeper, healthier desires for each other.
Raising A Secure Child teaches new parents how to feel confident that they can meet their child’s needs without making them too attached by outlining the experience that Hoffman, Cooper, and Powell have in helping parents form healthy attachments with their kids in ways that help them avoid becoming too hard on themselves and their children.
The Drama Of The Gifted Child is an international bestseller that will help you unearth your sad, suppressed memories from childhood that still haunt you today and teach you how to confront them so you can avoid passing them on to your children, release yourself from the pains of your past, and finally be free to live a life of fulfillment.
The World Until Yesterday identifies some of the most valuable lessons we can learn from societies of the past like hunter-gatherers, including how to resolve conflicts better, more effective ways to raise children, how to stay healthier for longer, and much more.
Boundaries explains, with the help of modern psychology and Christian ideals, how to improve your mental health and personal growth by establishing guidelines for self-care that include saying no more often and standing firm in your decisions rather than letting people walk all over you.
Curious is your guide to becoming more intelligent by harnessing the power of inquisitiveness and outlines the true nature of curiosity, how to keep it flourishing to become smarter, and what you might unknowingly be doing to suffocate its power.
Doesn’t Hurt To Ask explains how to become a master of persuasion by asking all of the right questions and teaches how intentional questions are the key to sharing your ideas, connecting with your audience, and convincing people of your way of thinking whether you’re in the office or at home.
Games People Play is a classic book about human behavior which explains the wild and interesting psychological games that you and everybody around you play to manipulate each other in self-destructive and divisive ways and how to tame your ego so you can quit playing and enjoy healthier relationships.
How To Be A Leader is Greek philosopher Plutarch’s guide to leadership and uses practical ideas, historical narratives, political events, and more to outline the qualities of the best leaders, including serving for the right reasons, speaking persuasively, and following more experienced leaders.