Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

Now, Discover Your Strengths shows you how to find your top five strengths by outlining what strengths are, how you get them, why they’re important to reaching your full potential, and how to discover your own through analyzing the times when your behavior is the most natural or instinctive and why.
Game Changers reveals the secrets that some of the most impactful people in the world use to hack their biology and win at life and will teach you how to achieve your goals and be happy.
What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School teaches why succeeding in business has less to do with accumulated theoretical knowledge through schooling and books, and more about people and communication.
What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars shows you how to recognize and steer clear of the pitfalls of stock investing by sharing the story of one man who made some bad investment decisions and had to deal with some pretty terrible consequences because of them.
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There helps you overcome your personality traits and behaviors that stop you from achieving even more success.
Unlearn will show you how to win even in changing circumstances by revealing why the patterns you used for past successes won’t always work and how to adopt a learning attitude to stop them from holding you back.
Tribal Leadership explains the various ways people function within organizations and teaches you how to lead change and improve your organization’s culture.
The Sleep Solution improves your quality of life by identifying the myths surrounding rest that keep you from getting more of it, showing you why they’re false, and teaching you how to establish proper sleep hygiene.
The Joy Of Movement is just what you need to finally find the motivation to get out and exercise more often by teaching you the scientific reasons why it’s good for you and why your body is designed to enjoy it.
The 4 Pillar Plan is your guide to the right diet, exercise, relaxation, and sleep decisions that will improve your health dramatically.
Sleep Smarter is a collection of 21 simple tips and tricks to optimize your sleep environment once and then reap the benefits of more restful nights forever.
Food Fix will help you eat healthier and improve the environment at the same time by explaining how bad our food is for us and our planet and what we can each do to fix these problems.
Eat To Live will help you lose weight, feel better, and live longer by identifying the flaws in what we think is true about nutrition and using science and case studies to reveal how certain foods affect us for better or worse.
Eat To Beat Disease will help you be healthier and fight off infection by identifying how food affects your immune system and what to put into your body that will make you more resilient against illness.
Eat Sleep Work Repeat identifies why so many workplaces are unnecessarily stressful, how it makes employees unhappy and businesses less profitable, and what we all need to do to fix this growing problem.
Brain Rules teaches you how to become more productive at work and life by giving proven facts about how your mind works better with good sleep, exercise, and learning with all the senses.
Work Less Finish More is a hands-on guide to adopting a more focused frame of mind and developing habits that will enhance your productivity levels, give you a sense of accomplishment and put you in the right direction in order to achieve your objectives.
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers explores the leading causes of stress and how to keep it under control, as well as the biological science behind stress, which can be a catalyst for performance in the short term, but a potential threat in the long run.
The Case Against Sugar advocates against the use of sugar in the food industry and offers a critical look at how this harmful substance took over the world under the eyes of our highest institutions, who are very well aware of its toxicity but choose to remain silent.
My Stroke Of Insight teaches you how to calm yourself anytime by simply tuning into the inherent peacefulness of the right side of the brain.