Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

Liespotting teaches you how to identify deceptive behavior with practical advice and foster a culture of trust, truth, and honesty in your immediate environment.
Quiet Power identifies the hidden superpowers of introverts and empowers them by helping them understand why it’s so difficult to be quiet in a world that’s loud and how to ease their way into becoming confident in social situations.
So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed explains how public shaming can bring down websites, close businesses, destroy careers, and why it often suppresses ethical behavior instead of encouraging it.
Social Intelligence is a complete guide to the neuroscience of relationships, explaining how your social interactions shape you and how you can use these effects to your advantage.
Survival Of The Friendliest explains why the #1 thing you can do for success is to focus on your social connections, how friendliness was the reason that our early ancestors survived as well as they did, and what you can do today to grow your social capital.
Thank You For Arguing outlines the importance of arguments and rhetoric and teaches you how to persuade other people by setting clear goals for your conversations, identifying core issues, using logic, being the kind of person that can win arguments, and much more.
The Charisma Myth debunks the idea that charisma is a born trait, outlining several tools and exercises you can use to develop a charming social appeal and magnetic personality, even if you’re not extroverted.
The Secret Life of Pronouns is a collection of research and case studies explaining what our use of pronouns, articles, and other style words can reveal about ourselves.
Boss It is a hands-on guide to entrepreneurship and what running business implies, from motivation, to hard work, consistency, great time management and a series of practical skills that are needed to fully succeed in this environment.
Disney U outlines the principles that create the customer-centric philosophy of Disney and contribute to the company’s massive success, while also highlighting some aspects of their organizational culture, such as caring for their staff and providing high-quality training.
High-Impact Tools for Teams aims to combat recurring project-management problems that take place in teams and especially during meetings, which tend to get chaotic and deviate from their initial purpose, all through the Team Alignment Map, a solution proposed by the authors.
Legendary Service talks about the principles behind extraordinary customer service and how a company can implement them to achieve a competitive advantage and stand out on the market using simple, yet crucial tactics to satisfy customers.
Perfectly Confident explores the idea of confidence and offers a series of valuable practices that anyone can implement in their life to improve this aspect, as well as an overview of how confidence is supposed to look and feel like in its realest form, without adding or subtracting too much of it.
The Art of Rhetoric is an ancient, time-proven reference book that explores the secrets behind persuasion, rhetoric, and good public speaking by providing compelling information on what a good speech should consist of and how truth and virtue are at the foundation of every good story.
The Burnout Fix delivers practical advice on how to thrive in the dynamic working environment we revolve around every day by setting healthy boundaries, keeping a work-life balance, and prioritizing our well-being.
The Decision-Making Blueprint is a comprehensive guide to making better decisions, avoiding errors and expensive mistakes, learning how to automate your mind to choose better alternatives, and ultimately, improving your life by upgrading the decision-making process.
The Power of Focus offers its readers a focus-based approach that they can use to achieve their financial and personal goals through practical exercises and habits that they can implement into their daily lives to actively shape their future.
The Self-Discipline Blueprint delves into the subject of self-actualization and why it is crucial for humans to achieve a fulfilled and successful life by creating a routine and becoming focused, self-disciplined and hard-working.