Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

See You At The Top shows you how to have a spiritually, socially, financially, and physically successful and meaningful life by utilizing tools like positive thinking, kindness to others, and goal-setting.
Measure What Matters teaches you how to implement tracking systems into your company and life that will help you record your progress, stay accountable, and make reaching your goals almost inevitable.
How To Be An Antiracist will make you a better, kinder, and more fair person by revealing how deeply ingrained racism is in our society and outlining what we can all do to annihilate it completely.
From Here To Financial Happiness is your guide to having a healthier relationship with money and shows you how looking to the future to prepare for what’s ahead can make you a lot less stressed about your financial life.
Do What You Are will help you discover your personality type and how it can lead you to a more satisfying career that corresponds to your talents and interests.
Best Self will help you become the hero you’ve always wanted to be by teaching you how to be honest with yourself about what you desire, identify your toxic anti-self, and discover the traits of the greatest possible version of you that you can imagine.
A Whole New Mind is your guide to standing out in the competitive workplace by taking advantage of the big-picture skills of the right side of your brain.
A Message To Garcia teaches you how to be the best at your job by becoming a dedicated worker with a good attitude about whatever tasks your company gives you.
Unlocking Potential is a guide that will help you as a leader make a difference in people’s lives in the long run by learning how to coach people in a way that brings to light their greatest strengths and capabilities.
Time And How To Spend It is your guide to becoming more productive by not focusing on working extra hours but instead using the time off more effectively.
The Algebra of Happiness outlines the variables in the equation for happiness and how to build them in your life.
The Advice Trap helps you accelerate your communication skills and makes you more likable by explaining why defaulting to giving your opinion on how to solve other people’s problems is so terrible and how to listen better to their actual needs so you can make a positive difference.
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude is a classic self-improvement book that will boost your happiness and give you the life of your dreams by identifying what Napoleon Hill learned interviewing hundreds of successful people and sharing how their outlook on life helped them get to the top.
When we do the unexpected, we surprise our detractors. We open a door that can disarm them. We get to define ourselves instead of our detractors defining us. And sometimes, doing the unexpected can hasten a new understanding, nascent trust, and even an improved outcome.
If you really want to stay healthy and effective in your life, you must learn how to focus. How to set aside all the urgency and noise in order to accomplish the things that matter most?
Everyone has aspirations and dreams, but they don’t always think things through. Worse, they don’t stop to examine their underlying motivations, and where they might lead. When considering a goal it's good to start by asking a question consisting of three words...
On the one hand, perfectionism can fuel what you do. On the other hand, it may hurt your productivity and growth. Why and how? Listen to this blogshow to find out.
Let’s say you have the talents and skills. How do you stand out? There are three words you need to know that can help you achieve greater success. Those three words are...
When Things Fall Apart gives you the confidence to make it through life’s inevitable setbacks by sharing ideas and strategies like mindfulness to grow your resilience and come out on top.
The Path Made Clear contains Oprah Winfrey’s tips for how to discover your real purpose so you can live a life of success and significance.