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The Social Contract is a political piece of writing that serves as a pylon for the democracies of today, as it theorizes the elements of a free state where people agree to coexist with each other under the rules of a common body that represents the general will.
Read our free Discipline Is Destiny summary of Ryan Holiday's book to learn how to master your body, mind, and spirit.
Our summary of The Daily Laws by Robert Greene will teach you 3 lessons from the big topics of the book: mastery, power, and emotions.
The Longevity Paradox explores ways to live a longer, healthier life and “die young” as a senior, instead of having to go through illnesses, all by focusing on the microbiome and improving our lifestyle as heart surgeon Steven Grundy suggests.
The 100-Year Life teaches you how to be resourceful and prepare ahead of time for a world in which people not only live longer but reach an age in the triple-digits, and talks about what you should be doing right now to ensure you have enough money for retirement.
Keto Answers is your go-to guide on how to get started with the ketogenic diet, its positive implications on your health and proneness to diseases like diabetes, and a fact-based study that debunks myths and assumptions about following a low-carb diet.
Intuitive Eating explores the philosophy of eating according to your body’s needs and ditching diets, eating trends, and other limiting eating programs in favor of a well-balanced lifestyle built on personal body-related needs.
How To Be A Bawse briefly explores the life of Youtube superstar Lilly Singh and offers straightforward, yet practical advice on how to conquer your fears, follow your dreams and learn to use failures to your advantage in order to build the life you want to live.
Healthy at 100 addresses the importance of maintaining healthy habits such as exercising or simply keeping your body moving, practicing gratitude and avoiding stress by being kind and loving, and overall keeping yourself healthy in the long run by using the simplest yet the most effective practices that have passed the test of time.
Everyday Zen explains the philosophy of a meaningful life and teaches you how to reinvent yourself by accepting the grand wisdom and energy of the universe and learning to sit still, have more compassion, love more, and find beauty in your life.
Daily Rituals is a compilation of the best practices and habits of successful people from different fields aimed to help anyone increase productivity, get past writer’s block, and become more creative and efficient in their everyday work.
Chasing Excellence breaks down how world-class athletes achieve the mental strength they need to succeed, highlighting the steps required to achieve toughness, build resilience, and always push your limits for a purpose.
Brain Maker argues that the relationship between your gut and your mind is stronger than you know, and proves how the microbiome is responsible for your overall health in the long run.
Wintering highlights the similarities between the cold season of the year and the period of hardship in a human life, by emphasizing how everything eventually passes in time, and how we can learn to embrace challenging times by learning from wolves, from the cold, and how our ancestors dealt with the winter.
Waking Up is a guide to mindfulness, spirituality, meditation, and understanding religion, analyzing these topics from a neutral point of view to create a bridge between atheists and believers, all while explaining a series of core aspects regarding spirituality and how the mind works.
Unlimited Memory explores the most effective ways to retain information and improve memory skills by teaching its readers some key aspects about the brain and explaining advanced learning strategies in an easy-to-follow manner.