Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

Pitch Perfect is the ultimate guide to becoming more efficient at communication in work, at home, and everywhere you go.
On Writing Well is your guide to becoming a great non-fiction writer that explains why you must learn and practice principles like simplicity, consistency, voice, editing, and enthusiasm if you want to persuade readers and make a difference in their lives.
Never Split The Difference explains why you should never compromise and how to negotiate like a pro in your everyday life.
_Irresistible reveals how alarmingly stuck to our devices we are, shows the negative consequences of technology addiction, and gives tips for a healthier relationship with the digital world.
Chernobyl teaches some fascinating and important history, science, and leadership lessons by diving into the details of the events leading up to the worst nuclear disaster in human history and its aftermath.
Big Potential will show you that the real secret to success and thriving in all aspects of life is developing strong connections with others and treating them in a way that lifts them up.
Words Can Change Your Brain is the ultimate guide to becoming an expert communicator, teaching you how to use psychology to your advantage to express yourself better, listen more, and create an environment of trust with anyone you speak with.
Why Are We Yelling? will improve your relationships, professional life, and the way you view the world by showing you that arguments aren’t bad, but important growing experiences if we learn to make them productive.
The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work is a compilation of the best lessons from John Gottman’s research on how healthy relationships happen and will teach you exactly what you and your spouse need to do to have a happy, healthy, and successful marriage.
The Art Of Communicating will improve your interpersonal and relationship skills by identifying the power of using mindfulness when talking with others, showing you how to listen with respect, convey your ideas efficiently, and most of all deepen your connections with others.
The Hero Code is Admiral William H. McRaven’s guide to becoming a hero, identifying the traits of real-life heroes through inspiring stories of bravery and determination, including many of McRaven’s own experiences as a four-star admiral and in his personal life.
The Case Against Education reveals why the schooling system is so broken, how it doesn’t fulfill its intended purposes but instead creates multiple problems for society, and what we might try to do to fix it.
Say Nothing contains the awful story of murder amid the Northern Ireland Conflict and a reflection on what caused it, those who were primarily involved, some of the worst parts of what happened, and other details of this dark era in the history of Ireland.
The Myth Of The Strong Leader reveals why being a bold, charismatic leader might not be all it’s cracked up to be even though people tend to think of good leaders in this light and explains how these individuals rise to power and some of the consequences of it happening on an international scale.
The Presence Process is an actionable 10-week program to become more present and consciously respond to situations based on breathing practice, insightful text, and observing your day-to-day experience.
Unplug is your guide to utilizing meditation to enhance your brain, deal with stress, and become happier, explaining the basics of this practice, how to get started with it, and what science has to teach about its many benefits.
Thoughts Without A Thinker helps you get more peace, overcome mental illness, and ease suffering by outlining the principles of Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation as they relate to psychoanalysis.
The Tao Te Ching helps us understand the principles of Taoism, which is an ancient school of philosophy that is still applicable today.
The Happy Mind shows you what science and experience teach about how to become happier by assuming responsibility for your own well-being.
Soundtracks is New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff’s 2021 book that teaches you how to beat overthinking by challenging whether your thohughts are true, retiring unhelpful and unkind ideas, adopting thought-boosting mantras from others, using symbols to reinforce positive thoughts, and more.