Personal Development

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The Next Right Thing is your guide for making wise, thoughtful, and intentional decisions simply by looking for the single best action to take at the moment.
Super Attractor will help you become happier, find your purpose, overcome your fears, and begin living the life you’ve always wanted by identifying the steps you need to take to connect with a higher spiritual power.
Start Where You Are helps you discover the power of meditation and compassion by going beyond what incense to buy and giving you real and powerful advice on how to make these tools part of your daily life so you can live with greater happiness and peace.
Self-Compassion teaches you the art of being kind to yourself by identifying what causes you to beat yourself up, how it affects your life negatively, and what you can do to relate to yourself in healthier and more compassionate ways.
Radical Acceptance teaches how you can become more content and happy in your life by applying the principles of meditation and Buddhism.
Mind Over Money is the ultimate guide to understanding the psychology of personal finance, explaining how your beliefs about money began forming when you were very young and what you can do to make your brain your financial friend instead of your enemy.
Living In Your Top 1% shows you how to become your best self and live up to your full potential by outlining nine science-backed ways to beat the odds and achieve your goals and dreams.
Insight will help you understand what self-awareness is, why it’s vital if you want to become your best self, and how to overcome the obstacles in the way of having more of it.
How To Do Nothing makes you more productive and helps you have more peace by identifying the problems with our current 24/7 work culture, where it came from, and how pausing to reflect helps you overcome it.
Girl, Stop Apologizing is an inspirational book for women everywhere to start living up to their potential and stop apologizing for following their dreams.
Everything Is Figureoutable will help you annihilate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back so that you can finally pursue your dreams by identifying the thinking patterns that get you stuck and how to use self-empowerment principles to become free.
A Mind For Numbers will teach you how to learn math and science more efficiently and get good at them by understanding how your brain absorbs and processes information, even if these subjects don’t come naturally to you.
What Happened To You is Oprah’s look into trauma, including how traumatic experiences affect our brains throughout our lives, what they mean about the way we handle stress, and why we need to see it as both a problem with our society and our brains if we want to get through it.
Think Again will make you more intelligent, persuasive, and self-aware by identifying the power of being humble about what you don’t know, how to recognize blind spots in your thinking before they start causing you problems, and what you can do to become more effective at convincing others of your way of thinking.
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus helps you improve your relationships by identifying the key differences between men and women.
Talking To Strangers helps you better understand and accurately judge the people you don’t know while staying patient and tolerant with others.
Extreme Ownership contains useful leadership advice from two Navy SEALs who learned to stay strong, disciplined, and level-headed in high-stakes combat scenarios.
However underwhelming, disappointing, frustrating, annoying, or dumb something seems to you right now — remember that one day, the threat of it all going way may be real and present. If that were to happen, would you give anything to just be facing the everyday problem you’re having now?
In the times when I can’t bring myself to follow some sort of meditation practice to get the other benefits — this practice has helped me.
These 4 ideas are not the be-all, end-all. But for me, they’ve proven to be the most valuable. As more of my work has become this amorphous blob we call “knowledge work”, remembering these things has helped me to do that work, do it fairly well, and avoid going crazy.