Personal Development

Want to become a better person? Good for you! You'll find advice and inspiration on these blogs.

Outer Order, Inner Calm gives you advice to declutter your space and keep it orderly, to foster your inner peace and allow you to flourish.
How To Change by Katy Milkman identifies the stumbling blocks that are in your way of reaching your goals and improving yourself and the research-backed ways to get over them, including how to beat some of the worst productivity and life problems like procrastination, laziness, and much more.
How Not To Worry will teach you how to live stress-free by revealing your brain’s primitive emotional survival instinct and providing a simple and effective roadmap for letting go of your anxieties.
Great Thinkers shows how much of what’s truly important in life can be solved by the wisdom left behind by brilliant minds from long past.
Get Out Of Your Head shows you how to break the pattern of negative thinking so you can consistently entertain healthier and happier thoughts by teaching simple tips like being alone, connecting with others, and reconnecting with God.
Brain Wash will show you how to have a more peaceful, contented life by revealing what’s wrong with all of the bad habits that society accepts as normal, how they affect our brains, and the 10-day program you can follow to fix it.
The Lucifer Effect is a book by Philip Zimbardo that explains why you’re not always a good person, identifying the often misunderstood line between good and evil that we all walk by uncovering the shocking results of the authors Stanford Prison Experiment and other cases that show how evil people can be.
Stillness Is The Key gives you the tools to harness the power of slowing down your body and mind for less distractions, better self-control, and above all, a happier and more peaceful life.
Status Anxiety identifies the ways that your desire to be seen as someone successful makes you mentally unhealthy and also shows ways that you can combat the disease of trying to climb the never-ending social ladder.
Necessary Endings is a guide to change that explains how you can get rid of unwanted behaviors, events, and people in your life and use the magic of new beginnings to build a better life.
Get Out Of Your Own Way guides you through the process of overcoming what’s holding you back from being your best self and reaching success you’ve never dreamed of by identifying how Dave Hollis came to realize his limiting beliefs and beat them.
Fluent In 3 Months explains how to master a new language faster than you ever thought possible and identifies why your beliefs about learning get in your way of succeeding at it.
Empire Of Illusion motivates you to watch less TV and get better at reading by outlining the sharp drop in literacy levels in the United States in recent years, the negative effects that have followed, and the dark future ahead if we continue on this path.
Affluenza asserts that the reason we are so unhappy is because of our obsession with consumption and the sickness that it brings upon ourselves and the world around us as well.
The Way Of Zen is the ultimate guide to understanding the history, principles, and benefits of Zen and how it can help us experience mental stillness and enjoy life even in uncertain times.
The Second Mountain argues that the key to living a meaningful, fulfilling, and happy life is not found in the pursuit of self-improvement but instead a life of service to others.
This year, instead of setting goals, try a one-word theme. You’ll be surprised how easy and efficient it is. Listen to find out more.
There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love rewatching movies, and those who think it’s a colossal waste of our limited time. If you happen to be the latter, here's a piece of evidence that just might change your mind.
Protect your routines, not your rituals. Use one as the tool it is to maintain the other — nothing more, nothing less. Stay flexible, replace good with better, and throw out what doesn’t work as soon as it stops working...
Every day, tiny parachutes protect you from falling. You don’t know who made them. You don’t see them on your back. All you know is you’re okay, and that’s the part that matters.