Personal Development

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The Mountain Is You is a self-discovery book that aims to help its readers tap into their own power and discover their potential by overcoming trauma, life’s challenges, and working on their emotional damages, all through accepting change, envisioning a prosperous future, and stopping the self-sabotage.
The Courage to Be Happy offers a hands-on guide to living a meaningful life and letting go of negative thoughts by compiling the groundbreaking theories of psychologist Alfred Adler with other valuable research into an all-in-one book for becoming a happy and fulfilled person.
Good Vibes, Good Life explores ways to unlock your true potential by loving yourself more, practicing self-care, manifesting your wishes, and transforming negative emotions into positive ones using simple tips and tricks for a happy life.
Designing Your Work Life is a helpful guidebook for anyone who wants to create and maintain a work environment that is both happy and productive by working with what they already have, rather than keep on changing jobs in hope of finding better.
A World Without Email presents a utopia where people engage in their usual professional activities without using emails as a means of communication, and explores a new way of working that doesn’t rely on instant messaging, which is known for decreasing productivity at the workplace.
Joyful talks about the power of small things in our lives, from colors, shapes, and designs, to nature, architecture, and simple everyday occurrences on our happiness and how we can harness simplicity to achieve a meaningful life filled with joy.
The Mind Illuminated is the definitive guide to meditation and consciousness, as it teaches its readers how meditation works, and how to navigate the ten stages of conscious breathing and intentional practice of mindfulness, all while highlighting why meditation is so crucial in everyone’s lives.
That Sounds Fun uncovers the secrets of a happy life: mindfulness, love, joy, and a good dose of doing whatever makes us happy as often as we can, starting from simple, day-to-day activities, to much bigger life experiences that speak to our soul.
Untamed is an inspiring memoir of Glennon Doyle, a woman who found peace and inner strength by challenging life in all its areas, from love to parenting, personal growth, and work, after going through a powerful change that led her to discover crucial aspects about herself and allowed her to build a new life.