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How To Be An Antiracist will make you a better, kinder, and more fair person by revealing how deeply ingrained racism is in our society and outlining what we can all do to annihilate it completely.
Silent Spring is the story that sparked the global grassroots environmental movement in 1962, explaining how chemical pesticides work, what their drawbacks are, and how we can protect crops in better, more sustainable ways.
How To Avoid A Climate Disaster is Bill Gates’ plea to the individuals, governments, and business leaders of the world to reduce greenhouse emissions by changing the way we make things, plug in, grow things, get around, and keep warm and cool.
Mighty Be Our Powers shares the inspirational story of Leymah Gbowee who helped bring together an influential group of women that were tired of the unrest in their country and whose efforts eventually led to the end of a devastating and long-lasting civil war.
First They Killed My Father is Loung Ung’s account of the horrific events that she and her family had to go through while living in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s and explains how it devastated their country, the way it separated their family, and how Loung got through it all.
Born A Crime will inspire you to make great things happen no matter what circumstances you’re born into by revealing the story of how Trevor Noah grew up as a mixed child in South Africa on the way to becoming an adult.
Between The World And Me helps us all fight prejudice and prepares young black men in the US for growing up by revealing Ta-Nehisi Coates’s reality of life as a black man dealing with racism in America.
Becoming motivates you to move forward with your dreams regardless of your circumstances, criticism, or what people think is normal by sharing the life story of Michelle Obama.
Alexander Hamilton will inspire you to boldly use your strengths to change the world as it tells the story of a poor orphan who grew to become one of the most intelligent, ambitious, and influential people in American history.
A Woman of No Importance tells the fascinating and exciting story of Virginia Hall, an American who became one of the best spies for the Allies in World War II and helped significantly in the defeat of Nazi Germany.
A People’s History Of The United States will help you improve the world by giving you a better understanding of the true, sometimes shameful, story of this America’s rise to power.
A Crack In Creation will teach you all about the power of gene editing that is made possible with CRISPR by detailing how it works, the benefits and opportunities it opens up, and the ethical risks of using it on humans.
What The Eyes Don’t See tells the shocking and unfortunate story of the public drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan and how one woman stood up against government corruption and racism to make a positive difference for the city.
Dark Money dives into the depths of the greed and corruption in the American political system by revealing the story of the Koch brothers who have been enabling the ultra-wealthy to influence political decisions for decades.
Chasing The Scream is a scathing review of the failed war on drugs, explaining its history with surprising statistics and identifying new ways that we can think about addiction, recovery, and drug laws.
Capitalism shows you how the movement of money in the world really works by outlining the dominant system in the world and its origins and future.
Capitalism And Freedom helps you understand some of the most important factors protecting your liberty by outlining the government’s role in economics and how things go best when political entities are small and stay out of the flow of money in a country.
Call Sign Chaos is a review of US foreign policy through the eyes of General Jim Mattis, who led forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Age Of Anger will help you understand the current state of the world better by explaining how we got to this present situation of upheaval we’re in and how we might stand a chance of making things better.
Age Of Ambition explains how China has gone from impoverished and only developing to a world superpower and economic powerhouse in only the last 30 years.