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Want a summary of What's Our Problem? by Tim Urban? Listen to our short, 3-lesson summary to discover "The Ladder of Thinking" and more.
Maoism explores the ideology of Mao Zedong, the Chinese leader of the communist party of the twentieth century, and how he managed to turn his doctrine into a mass-adopted phenomenon that continues even today, under different forms and shapes.
Permanent Record delves into the life story of Edward Snowden, the well-renowned national whistleblower who built the exposé on STELLARWIND, the US mass surveillance program used to spy on American citizens.
1984 is the story of a man questioning the system that keeps his futuristic but dystopian society afloat and the chaos that quickly ensues once he gives in to his natural curiosity and desire to be free.
Brave New World presents a futuristic society engineered perfectly around capitalism and scientific efficiency, in which everyone is happy, conform, and content — but only at first glance.
The Person You Mean to Be teaches you how to navigate cognitive biases that may prevent you from forming meaningful relationships and experiencing the world as it is by leading you to wrongful assumptions or limitations about your environment or by anchoring you in your preexisting beliefs.
The Second Sex delves into the concept of feminism by looking at historical facts and biases, and explains how being a woman implies being subjugated to a man, how making yourself smaller so that you can fit in today’s world, but also how women everywhere should react to the system and change it.
How to Be Right delves into some of the thorniest issues that author O’Brien had to deal with throughout his career as a radio host in London, where he came across provocative arguments, people who love to debate just for the sake of it, and many others who used manipulation to get their point across.
How the Word Is Passed talks about the cult of slavery that overshadows a large part of America’s history and how past experiences often dictate the future, or in our case, even the present, which is why we as a people should look into our history and learn from our ancestor’s mistakes to build a better world.
Hood Feminism explores the idea that traditional feminism only seeks to improve life for white women and not all women, arguing that true equality and inclusivity means seeking to lift all women, including those of color.
First Principles delves into the history of American evolution and highlights how the parents of modern thinking were inspired by Roman and Greek philosophy in their mindset, military actions, views of the world, and many more.
Cradle To Cradle uncovers the hidden problems with manufacturing, how they affect our planet, and what you can do to help by becoming eco-efficient.
An Ugly Truth offers a critical look at Facebook and its administrators, who foster a gaslighting environment and a controversial social media platform that can easily become a danger for its users both virtually and in real life due to its immense power and influence on our society.
Fascism explores the nature behind this far-right authoritarian ideology, how it can rise to power in uncertain times and why it poses a serious threat even in our present days against our most democratic systems such as in the United States or Europe.
Richard Nixon: The Life presents the detailed biography of the thirty-seventh president of the United States, who became famous for his successful endeavours that put him in the White House and for his controversial life the complexities of being such a top tier political figure.
The Origins of Political Order emphasizes how the historical development of political systems worldwide can be traced back to the natural inclination of humans to favor blood relationships.