It's about new gadgets, interesting apps, and basically anything technology-related.

2030 uses the current trajectory of the world, based on sociological, demographic, and technological trends, to outline the changes we can expect to happen in our lives by the beginning of the next decade.
Blockchain Revolution explains how the power of this new technology behind Bitcoin can transform our world financially by improving the way we store our money and do business to make it more fair, transparent, equal, and free from corruption.
Cryptoassets is your guide to understanding this revolutionary new digital asset class and explains the history of Bitcoin, how to invest in it and other cryptocurrencies, and how the blockchain technology behind it all works.
Deep Thinking is a recap of the past fifty years of the information revolution and an attempt to identify where AI technology may lead us.
Digital Minimalism shows us where to draw the line with technology and how taking time off our digital devices is the key to living a focused life in a noisy world.
Life After Google explains why Silicon Valley is suffering a nervous breakdown as big data and machine intelligence comes to an end and the post-Google era dawns.
Make Money Trading Options teaches the art of trading stock options, including the pitfalls to watch out for and how to use simple tools like the Test Trading Strategy and virtual trading tools to find stocks that are most likely to be profitable, so you don’tm have to just guess where to invest.
Narrative Economics explains the influence that popular stories have on the way economies operate, including the rise of Bitcoin, stock market booms and crashes, the nature of epidemics, and more.
See You On The Internet is the ultimate beginner-level digital marketing guide that teaches you how to build an online business presence by doing everything from starting a website to managing social media accounts.
Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now shows why you should quit social media because it stops joy, makes you a jerk, erodes truth, kills empathy, takes free will, keeps the world insane, destroys authenticity, blocks economic dignity, makes politics a mess, and hates you.
The Age Of Cryptocurrency explains the past, present, and future of Bitcoin, including its benefits and drawbacks, how it aligns with the definition of money well enough to be its own currency, how it and other cryptocurrencies will change our economy and the entire world.
The Bitcoin Standard uses the history of money and gold to explain why Bitcoin is the way to go if the world wants to stick to having sound money and why it’s the only cryptocurrency to be focusing on right now.
The Dark Net dives into the details of the wildest and most dangerous parts of the digital world, including self-harmers, cryptocurrency programmers, computer scientists, hackers, extremists, pornographers, vigilantes, and much more.
The Design Of Everyday Things helps you understand why your inability to use some products isn’t your fault but instead is the result of bad design and how companies can use the principles of cognitive psychology to implement better design principles that actually solve your problems without creating more of them.
You Are Not A Gadget will help you get a better grasp on how much the internet undervalues your individuality by explaining the history of the digital world, the worrying path that it has put us on, and how we might make changes as a society to fix these problems.
Alone Together is a book that will make you want to have a better relationship with technology by revealing just how much we rely on it and the ways our connection to it is growing worse and having negative effects on us all.
No Rules Rules explains the incredibly unique and efficient company culture of Netflix, including the amazing levels of freedom and responsibcility it gives employees and how this innovative way of running the business is the very reason that Netflix is so successful.
The Double Helix tells the story of the discovery of DNA, which is one of the most significant scientific findings in all of history, by explaining the rivalries, struggles of the prideful scientific community to work together, and other roadblocks that James Watson had on the way to making the breakthrough of a lifetime that would change his life and the entire world.
Subscribed helps your company move to a subscription model by identifying the history of this innovative idea, how it makes businesses so successful, and what you need to do to implement it in your own company.
Long Life Learning questions the current educational systems worldwide in relation to an increasing trend in job automation, growing life expectancy, and a devaluation in higher degrees, all with a strong focus on the future of work and urgency to adapt to it.