It's about new gadgets, interesting apps, and basically anything technology-related.

Dataclysm gives powerful motivation for being more honest online by using information collected from the internet to identify what all of us are really like under the veil of anonymity and how we as a society have changed recently.
AI Superpowers will help you understand what to expect of the effect that artificial intelligence will have on your future job opportunities by diving into where China and the US, the world’s two leaders in AI, are heading with this breakthrough technology.
A Crack In Creation will teach you all about the power of gene editing that is made possible with CRISPR by detailing how it works, the benefits and opportunities it opens up, and the ethical risks of using it on humans.
What If is a compilation of well-researched, science-based answers to some of the craziest hypothetical questions you can imagine.
How To will help you get better at abstract thinking as it gives solutions to some of the strangest problems in the wackiest, but still scientific, ways.
Everybody Lies will expand your mind about the true nature of human beings by explaining what big data is, how it came to be, and how we can use it to understand ourselves better.
Amazon will help you make your business better by sharing what made Jeff Bezos’s gigantic company so successful at going from its humble beginnings to now dominating the e-commerce market.
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