It's about new gadgets, interesting apps, and basically anything technology-related.

The 100-Year Life teaches you how to be resourceful and prepare ahead of time for a world in which people not only live longer but reach an age in the triple-digits, and talks about what you should be doing right now to ensure you have enough money for retirement.
The Shallows explores the effects of the Internet on the human brain, which aren’t entirely positive, as our constant exposure to the online environment through digital devices strips our ability to target our focus and stay concentrated, all while modifying our brain neurologically and anatomically.
Tesla: Man Out of Time presents the biography and remarkable life of Nikola Tesla, one of the most notable inventors and engineers of all time, while also highlighting his bumpy relationship with Thomas Edison and his heavy childhood.
How to Break Up With Your Phone explores a common problem for all of us who are engaging with social media and constant use of phones, namely our addiction to these devices and the internet, and ways to ditch it for good and find meaning in our lives outside of our virtual encounters.
Digital Renaissance uses empirical data to show that the digitization of media has led to a flood of art, but that its average quality hasn’t changed.
Stealing Fire examines how a state of ecstasy can enhance the body-brain connection and allow humans to achieve excellent performance by accelerating their neural processes.
They Ask You Answer presents an innovative digital marketing approach that ditches the traditional flashy ads and embraces high-quality content instead.
Expert Secrets teaches you how to create and implement an informative marketing plan and putting it into practice, while also showing you what problem you must solve for your prospects or teach them how to do it themselves.
Dotcom Secrets is a hands-on guide to digital marketing and growing online businesses by harnessing the power of the internet and the new face of marketing through sales funnels and many other digital products well-explained by Russell Brunson, the multimillionaire who founded ClickFunnels.
Global Content Marketing is a guide for creating meaningful content and efficient digital strategies in today’s online environment.
AI 2041 explores the concept of artificial intelligence and delves into some thought-provoking ideas about AI taking over the world in the next twenty years, from our day-to-day lives to our jobs, becoming a worldwide used tool that will shake the world as we know it from the ground up.
Testing Business Ideas highlights the importance of trial and error, learning from mistakes and prototypes, and always improving your offerings in a business, so as to bring a successful product to the market that will sell instead of causing you troubles.
The Grand Design explains the history of mankind from a scientific perspective, including how we came into existence and started to use science to explain the world and ourselves with laws like Newton’s and Einstein’s and more recent theories like quantum physics.
2030 uses the current trajectory of the world, based on sociological, demographic, and technological trends, to outline the changes we can expect to happen in our lives by the beginning of the next decade.
Blockchain Revolution explains how the power of this new technology behind Bitcoin can transform our world financially by improving the way we store our money and do business to make it more fair, transparent, equal, and free from corruption.
Cryptoassets is your guide to understanding this revolutionary new digital asset class and explains the history of Bitcoin, how to invest in it and other cryptocurrencies, and how the blockchain technology behind it all works.
Deep Thinking is a recap of the past fifty years of the information revolution and an attempt to identify where AI technology may lead us.