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Collaborative Intelligence helps you enhance your unique thinking traits and develop an individualized form of intelligence based on what works best for you, what your strengths are, and how you communicate with others.
Global Content Marketing is a guide for creating meaningful content and efficient digital strategies in today’s online environment.
Humor, Seriously explores how bringing fun and entertainment into the workplace can enhance team productivity, spark creativity, increase trust between members and improve people’s overall sentiment in relation to work and job-related activities.
Keep Showing Up explores the struggles that married couples face on a daily basis, from falling into a routine to fighting over their children, and how to overcome them by being grateful, positive and re-establishing a connection with God.
Love Worth Making delves into the subject of sexuality and explores ways to create meaningful and exciting sexual experiences in a long-lasting relationship, based on his experience of over thirty years working with couples, all by focusing on the sexual feelings instead of the techniques.
Nonviolent Communication explains how focusing on people’s underlying needs and making observations instead of judgments can revolutionize the way you interact with anybody, even your worst enemies.
Radical Honesty looks into the concept of lying and how we can train ourselves to avoid doing it as only through morality we can live an honest life, although our natural inclination to lie can sometimes push us to alter the truth.
Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids explains how parents accidentally allowed modernity to suck all the pleasure out of family life, and why they should feel no guilt over choosing a low-stress way of parenting instead.
Set Boundaries, Find Peace lays out everything you need to know about boundaries and why they’re necessary for maintaining healthy relationships in your life.
The Hero With a Thousand Faces analyzes the humankind from a mythological and symbolystic point of view to prove that all humans have similar core concepts written in them, such as the monomyth, which is a way of narrating stories that people from all over the world do alike.
The Yes Brain offers parenting techniques that will give your kids an open attitude towards life, balance, resilience, insight, and empathy.
10-Minute Toughness is a hands-on guide to becoming the best version of yourself and achieving success through consistent good practices such as eating right, forming meaningful relationships, committing to your goals publicly, visualizing your achievements, and many others.
A Random Walk Down Wall Street explores how the individual investor can make money in the stock market by following a simple path that is guaranteed to bring success, if the investor has patience and gets accustomed to a series of concepts about stocks and what analyzing them consists of.
AI 2041 explores the concept of artificial intelligence and delves into some thought-provoking ideas about AI taking over the world in the next twenty years, from our day-to-day lives to our jobs, becoming a worldwide used tool that will shake the world as we know it from the ground up.
Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies is a hands-on guide on how to get started with investing in digital coins by placing a trade using a broker what they represent, and how to pick the right ones from the batch of cryptocurrencies available on the market.
Get Good With Money is a guide to creating a healthy relationship with money and achieving financial security
One Up on Wall Street talks about the challenges of being a stock market investor, while also exploring how anyone can pick good, well-performing stocks without having much knowledge in the field, by following a few key practices.
Stocks for the Long Run delves into the subject of investing and the implications that come with picking securities, whether they’re stocks, bonds, or commodities, having in mind the generally higher returns of stocks over the years and how to build a balanced portfolio that can face times of crisis.
Testing Business Ideas highlights the importance of trial and error, learning from mistakes and prototypes, and always improving your offerings in a business, so as to bring a successful product to the market that will sell instead of causing you troubles.
The Psychology of Money explores how money moves around in an economy and how personal biases and the emotional factor play an important role in our financial decisions, as well as how to think more rationally and make better decisions when it comes to money.