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I was uncomfortable, unhappy, and restless. I didn’t want to meet new people, because I felt I was giving the wrong impression. Something wasn’t right. It took me months to figure out the real problem: My clothes don’t fit anymore!
One approach to music is to do whatever you want. Absolutely anything goes. But to me, that’s too free. It’s anti-inspiring because having infinite options is overwhelming.
In 1990, at the age of 20, I moved to New York City and got a job as the tape room guy for Warner/Chappell Music Publishing.
In 1991 I was 22 years old, and had moved to New York City to be a professional musician. I had a little home studio, and was doing some random gigs around town.
A musician had manufactured 10,000 copies of his CD in anticipation of 10,000 orders that were sure to come through that week.
I’ve always used freedom as the compass to guide my decisions.
A new day begins when I wake up, not at midnight. Midnight means nothing to me. It’s not a turning point. Nothing changes at that moment.
by Gustavo
Actionable steps to start building trust and collaboration
by Gustavo
Hanlon’s razor: never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity.
I used to visit a fancy Starbucks café with fine-tuned business processes back in Gran Canaria, but the more organized it became, the more it sucked.
Here are the essential guidelines for managing your business workflows in the simplest of terms.
Overall reliability is a simple, but pretty accurate indicator of how well (or badly) managed a business is.
There are business processes so simple, they could be squeezed onto a Post-it note. However, they can still be greatly optimized.
Do you love your cell operator and their processes? I doubt it.
A well-established business runs smoothly, like a fine-tuned machine. The entrepreneur is an inventor, engineer and mechanic all-in-one, and process management is their tool for performance tuning.
Sure, in a perfect world. But in ours, this isn’t a good process practice.
Processes are the lifeblood of almost every business. Whether you realize you have them or not.
Many professionals and business owners can’t distinguish the two. They should.
A story about everything it takes to accomplish your dreams
We’re not struggling to survive. We lack the courage to thrive.
We live in a day and age of instant gratification. Everything we seemingly want or need is a click away on our smartphones.
We all have this little voice inside our heads, chattering away behind the scenes. Stuff like, “You’re too fat. You’re not good enough. You’ll never get promoted. You don’t have what it takes. No one will like it. Why do I try? Who cares?” 
As we age, we lose a great deal of our childhood innocence. Our curiosity and imaginations succumb to adolescence, hormones and the complexities of adulthood...
Have you ever felt empty? Like whatever magic elixir that used to fuel your creative life just sort of evaporated?
What should a meaningful life be about? It's an important question. Unfortunately, the answer is not likely to be found on social media.
For more productive mornings, you don't necessarily need to wake up earlier. Instead, focus on routines that make it easier to get your work done.
Do you feel like you never have enough motivation? Your problem may actually be too much of it. Here's how to increase motivation the right way.
Learn what assertiveness and practical steps you can take to start to become more assertive and self-confident in your own life.
This is a beginner's guide to starting a formal mindfulness practice, including what mindfulness is, the benefits of mindfulness, and how to actually start.
A complete guide to understanding what anxiety is, how it works, and what to do about it. Anxiety is a huge topic, often as confusing to understand as it is distressing to experience. The goal of this guide is to present a framework for thinking about what anxiety is and how it works. Specifically, I’ll …
A proven system to convince startup owners to pay you to write for them
The secret to writing compelling stories people can’t help reading and sharing
Every one of us is in pain; every one of us wants to be loved. We act the way we act because we want the hurting to stop.
A true story about my search for a 'cure' to my chronic pelvic pain and my discovery of self-empowering pain management strategies that finally gave me my life back.
The future is kind. So, steal a line from my mom and be proactively good to people. Today.
A quality life is a byproduct of making quality decisions. If you stay curious about the people around you and take care of yourself, life becomes much easier.
There are many sneaky little productivity killers that silently sabotage your success.
If you want to get better results in your work and life, you can try to work harder or put in more hours, or you can do this instead.
These 5 habits will help you stop procrastinating and start crushing it.
How these 7 morning hacks helped me go from a lazy ‘snoozer’ to an early riser.
Highly productive people do things differently than most people. They have specific habits, routines and systems in place that enable them to be highly effective and efficient.
I'm firmly in Generation X territory, while my kids are millennials.
Some women want to age gracefully; others are intent on growing old, disgracefully!
In today's real estate market, agents highly recommend taking the trouble to style your home for sale.
Sharing our top 10 marriage tips - we've been together for over 30 years, and married for 28, and are still happy - so we must be doing something right!
by Amber
We people are lazy. And honestly, I understand why! We have so much on our plates already. It's hard to find time or energy to do anything extra on top. That's how most of us
by Amber
Do you ever feel like there are so many things you need to do but you just don't have the energy to deal with it? It's like you wake up every day with a gigantic task list, but all you want to do is to be left alone.
by Amber
The past... is so deceiving. Everything that ever happened to you, your experiences and acomplishements seem to be an inseparable part of who you are. Many of your behaviour patterns stem from something that you've
by Amber
For an anxious soul, there’s always something about goal setting... So if you are one, you may find yourself surprisingly anxious when you're sitting with your goal planner, sipping tea, and trying to decide what's
by Amber
Women today are busier than ever, and that is fantastic. Many of them are successfully balancing busy careers with fulfilling home lives, rocking their life like real productivity superstars. You may ask yourself "how these
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really care about physically traveling..
If processes were people, the “orphans” would be the homeless kids wandering aimlessly in your business.
Get rid of overly complicated business process management. It is as simple as that.
Let’s face it. Business processes are tools of control and employees hate it when that type of control is being used against them.
There is some strong resistance against reporting in process management. Not all of it is unfounded.
“Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions,” replied the Zen teacher. “If you do not first empty your cup, how can you taste my cup of tea?”
When you’re a child, the whole world is a blank canvas. Every situation you walk into is a sandbox, waiting for you to shape it in your imagination. As early as kindergarten or elementary school, that sandbox is turned into a cage. Adults pluck metal bars into the ground from above, like Zeus throwing thunderbolts from Mount Olympus. The bars are rules and every single one takes away a little of that blankness.
When people ask for advice around habits, most of the answers they get fall into the “do this, not that” category. Based on our own subjective experience, we all come to see some habits as good and others as bad. As a result, everybody always recommends what worked for them. The specific tactics that helped them succeed. Wake up at 5, blend your coffee with butter, use this particular pen.
Imagine there’s an old stove in your house. It’s square and has four burners. You know, the kind where you still have to light the gas with a match and pull your hand away really fast so you don’t get burned. Each of those burners represents an important area of your life: 1. Family, 2. Friends, 3. Health, 4. Work.
Remember when you first learned how to draw? Oh, the artworks that you made! You didn’t even need a model or a scene — you made it all up from scratch, using nothing but your imagination. A dragon looked like you thought a dragon should look. A house was a house in your image. What’s more, nothing had to be perfect, because you could always explain your picture to the audience.
For the past six years, I have been obsessed with habits. This obsession grew out of the realization that, as a business student in an obscure university, no teachers or classes would be enough to push me to become a successful entrepreneur.
If someone dedicates one million dollars, 400 workers, and 14 years of their own life to carving a 60-foot version of your face into the side of a mountain, you must have done something worth remembering.
On The Tim Ferriss Show, LeBron James said he sleeps eight or nine hours each night. Sometimes ten. And if he can’t get those, he’ll catch up with a two-hour nap. James is a prominent fan of quality shut-eye, but not the only one.
I never needed anyone to tell me to play video games, explore the internet, or practice soccer tricks. If anything, it was hard to get me to stop. Writing has been the same.
I heard my neighbor fall in love through thin walls. I heard her try on half her closet before their first date, heard several pep talks from girlfriends via FaceTime. I heard him pick her up that evening, rare, for New York. I heard him leave the morning after the second date. Not so rare for New York. I heard a lot more the night before that too but I’ll keep that to myself because I’m a lady.
A word on dress code. I’ve never held a man’s clothing against him. I understand that fashion isn’t everyone’s thing. I don’t expect, at our first meeting, to be dazzled by a man’s particular choice of outfit, because I don’t think it’s a fair thing to judge someone on. Further, I don’t see how a man’s fashion sense is going to be any real help in a crisis. Perfectly cuffed jeans tell me nothing of your spider killing skills.
I believe in ghosts. Spirits, phantoms, apparitions, reality television filmed in haunted shoelace factories, all of it. If a ghost challenged me to a hand of Texas Hold ’Em, I’d ante up. I believe things aren’t always what they seem, weird moments happen, and sometimes nothing can be explained.
I’m always on time. Punctuality is a big thing with me. I don’t believe in being late, in wasting someone else’s time by making them wait for me. Their time is important, too. So when I walked into the date six minutes late I felt terrible. That feeling was fleeting.
Stereotype suggests I’m about to order a pink drink at a bar and complain about men while wearing heels and carrying a designer bag I can’t afford. I’m not. I’m not going to complain, moan, or hate. I carry a backpack and it’s within my budget. I prefer a good ankle boot. I just want to talk about New York. I want to talk about what happens here.
For better or worse, our habits shape us. Our daily lives are a series of habits played out through the day. Better life habits have the potential to increase your well-being and ability to perform effectively.
The evolution of skills is accelerating, fast. We live in a world of constant change, where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years, you have consistently upgrade and reinvent yourself.
Learning comes down to two things: repetition, and connecting new information to existing knowledge. The ultimate aim of learning is to apply what you learn when it matters. Information is easy to access when there are many strong pathways to that information.
In 1970, economist George Akerlof published a paper called The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism, in which he described an idea that would keep researchers busy for decades: adverse selection.
When Robin Williams died in 2014, the world lost a legend. No scene better encapsulates his brilliance than what must be one of the greatest monologues in entertainment history: the park scene in Good Will Hunting.
Be it Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Mr. Miyagi or Jackie Chan, in day-to-day life, the master is always deliberate. Quiet. Almost lethargic. He walks slowly. He talks slowly. He eats slowly.
Out of all the great TED talks that exist, Barry Schwartz’s is easily the best. He talks about what he calls The Paradox of Choice. I’ve gone back to it countless times for countless reasons.
When Batman meets Superman for the first time in Dawn of Justice, you instantly know who’s in charge and who’s in trouble.
We decided we wanted to motorbike in Vietnam after having such an amazing time riding around the Thakhek loop in Laos. We spent a week in…
Located in a fishing village in Palawan the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the…
After 6 weeks in Thailand we were more than ready to move on and experience a new country, and of course new food and beer!
Travelling is awesome. Nothing below would stop me backpacking around the world but let’s be honest here. In amongst the pictures of…
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The 5th December 2018 marked 2 years of travelling with my best friend and partner in crime James. This is the story of how it all began.
What is the Open Startup movement and is it a good thing?
Whenever you switch on your TV, there’s always something on that can get you hooked. I’m a movie maniac and I admit I’ve fallen prey to the modern trend of TV shows. I can see why creators bet on the format of TV shows. When I come back home and it’s around midnight, I can rarely make it through a two-hour-long feature. TV show episodes only last about an hour and in case the show is good, you get sucked in very fast. My favorites like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Twin Peaks, and others, those are all fine. But that’s not the right movie night. An all-out movie night means a bowl of popcorn, a comfy blanket, a switched-off phone. God, it’s been so long since I’ve given myself permission to enjoy this luxury!
I will never again say that desperate sentence, not even to me: “What else can happen to me today?” Not once, this sentence costed me a lot. Probably, it is the most provocative question targeting “somewhere above”. And there is always a clear answer coming back. I will seriously remember it! After a day hectic to the max, when the turbulence and the hurricane of bad news calmed down, I went to do some shopping. I had planned to spend the weekend at home and spend it creatively. I was not sure yet whether it would be painting or writing, but I knew for sure I would be creating. I had not been a creator for so long that I became a creature in fact.
I asked thousands of readers what they think it *really* means to be a minimalist. Here's what you had to say about "living with less".
Some days you feel like you could change the world. Make it fall off its axis with your own actions. Anything you touch turns to gold. You have the strength and the equipment to do it. I have no idea what the best thing to do on such days would be, but I’ve decided to sit down at a computer and type away. My muses keep kicking me so hard I sometimes wonder how I don’t have any bruises. I will always remember this day. This is the day my new Universum was created. The Vigils, you see, have slowly and inconspicuously taken up residence in the next novel I’m writing called CALIGO. They have squeezed their way into all parts of the story and have become its integral part.
Not having any connection to the Vigils and without me influencing it in any way, my day has been all about the colour purple. First thing in the morning, a lady in the biggest, most purple hat I’d ever seen walked into my gallery. She was looking for some light bulbs. I asked her if she thought my shop looked like a place that sells light bulbs and smiled at her. She seemed taken aback, then she looked around and ended up buying a scarf. A purple one.
y friend Matúš, a professional actor, writes amazing short stories. He’s only been writing them for himself mostly. It’s exactly the writing style and genre I love. Sometimes, we will exchange a couple stories and then have long talks about them. We basically write about the same thing and yet, the stories are completely different. In one way or another, we inspire each other in heaps. Matúš is one of the few people I’m willing to let into my literary kitchen and let him peak under the lids of my overflowing pots.
Sometimes, I get tired of how carefully you have to work with the term sci-fi in our country. You move your writing a bit beyond the limits of the possible and suddenly, you’re put in the literature ghetto. This is exactly how Ondrej Herec, the grand master of Slovak modern fantasy and sci-fi theoretician, phrased it. “Fantasy is a genre which, in our country, belongs to a literature ghetto. It operates parallel to the acknowledged ‘high’ literature. Fortunately though, it’s been slowly building its self-esteem.” After tens of mystery stories and two “light-fantasy” novels, I wrote a collection of short stories called VIGIL. More than anything, I find it romantic.
After struggling with expectations and feeling I always needed to do MORE, a lesson in self-worth helped me embrace doing less and feeling good about it.
How minimalism changed my life - a must read if you're on the fence about minimalism or in need of inspiration to continue on your minimalist journey.
How I became a minimalist - my long (and sometimes painful)  journey from shopaholic to joyfully living with less.
These hard truths about simple living offer a balanced view of how it can change your life—because, for all the benefits, there are also limitations.
Everyone is talking about productivity hacks these days. “Split tasks into small chunks”, “Focus”, “Eliminate distraction”, “Prioritise”,
I always wanted to work remotely. When I moved to Oxford, I used to run at 6am to my work. Each day, mostly in dark, I ran along a house where a light was on. I could not see inside but I saw a room full of bookshelves, a desk, a lamp and a man behind the desk. The man was always writing something. Every morning, unless I rode my bike, the same view. I wanted to be at his place very much.
When building a habit, the most important thing is continuity and repetition. It is not about the quality. Not even about the time. It is all about the continuity and repetition. When you go to the gym, more important than working out for an hour and a half each time, as all fitness magazines suggest, is to work out continuously. In scheduled days again. And again.
Creativity does not come easy to everyone though. It even does not appeal the same to all. No matter of which group you are from, one day it happens.
Learning is essential for you. Even more, if working for yourself. The easiest mistake that anyone can make is ignoring constant and continuous learning.
It always sounds as a good idea planning the beginning of your workouts to Monday. New week, new start. More often something happens over the weekend though an
We fear of any changes the most. Nothing gives us more comfort than a false feeling of stability. We want to experience new things in life but we don't want to get exposed to the changes itself.