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The Power Paradox frames the concept of power in an inspiring new narrative, which can help us create better and more equal relationships, workplaces, and societies.
The Passion Paradox explains the risks of blindly following what we love to do the most and teaches us how to cultivate our passions in a way that can lead us to a fulfilling life.
The Dip teaches us that, between starting and succeeding, there’s a time of struggle when we should either pursue excellence or quit strategically while helping us choose between the two.
The Charge shows you how to unlock the baseline and forward human drives within you that will help you get energized, grounded, and working so that you can have the life of happiness and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.
The Box teaches how the drive and imagination of one entrepreneur impacted the world economy and changed the face of global trade with container shipping.
Subscribed helps your company move to a subscription model by identifying the history of this innovative idea, how it makes businesses so successful, and what you need to do to implement it in your own company.
Start Something That Matters encourages you to overcome your fear of the unknown and create a business that not only makes money but also helps people, even if you have few resources to start with.
Socialism by Michael Newman outlines the history of the governmental theory that everything should be owned and controlled by the community as a whole, including how this idea has impacted the world in the last 200 years, how its original aims have been lost, and ways we might use it in the future.
Now, Discover Your Strengths shows you how to find your top five strengths by outlining what strengths are, how you get them, why they’re important to reaching your full potential, and how to discover your own through analyzing the times when your behavior is the most natural or instinctive and why.
Game Changers reveals the secrets that some of the most impactful people in the world use to hack their biology and win at life and will teach you how to achieve your goals and be happy.
What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School teaches why succeeding in business has less to do with accumulated theoretical knowledge through schooling and books, and more about people and communication.
What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars shows you how to recognize and steer clear of the pitfalls of stock investing by sharing the story of one man who made some bad investment decisions and had to deal with some pretty terrible consequences because of them.
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There helps you overcome your personality traits and behaviors that stop you from achieving even more success.
Unlearn will show you how to win even in changing circumstances by revealing why the patterns you used for past successes won’t always work and how to adopt a learning attitude to stop them from holding you back.
Tribal Leadership explains the various ways people function within organizations and teaches you how to lead change and improve your organization’s culture.
What is ASMR? What does the science say about it? What does ASMR suggest about your personality and could it be used as a mental therapy?
Can phone usage impact longevity? By raising levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, excessive phone usage may also threaten our long-term health.
What if we exercised love and acceptance and respected each other’s boundaries? What if we vowed to do no harm and actually meant it?
Being sick is draining, healing takes time, and a conversation can be just as important as a prescription.
We may come to find that the best medicine is that over which we have the most autonomy, our personal habits, if we are only willing to modify our behaviors and step into the sunlight...