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The Body Keeps The Score teaches you how to get through the difficulties that arise from your traumatic past by revealing the psychology behind them and revealing some of the techniques therapists use to help victims recover.
Super Brain explores the idea that through increased self-awareness and conscious intention we can teach our brain to perform at a higher level than we thought possible.
Suggestible You helps you understand and utilize the power of your mind-body connection by explaining the effect that your thoughts have on your body, including pain, illness, and memory and how to take advantage of it.
Reasons To Stay Alive shows you the dangers and difficulties surrounding mental illness, uncovers the stigma around it, and identifies how to recover from it by sharing the story of Matt Haig’s recovery after an awful panic attack and subsequent battle with depression and anxiety.
Own Your Everyday shows you how to let go of comparison, stress, and distractions so you can find your purpose and live a more fulfilling life by sharing inspiring lessons from the experiences of author Jordan Lee Dooley.
Anatomy Of An Epidemic teaches you how to make better decisions about your mental health as it uncovers the questionable origin of medication and reveals the interesting connection between psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies.
An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth teaches you how to live better by taking lessons from the rigorous requirements of going to outer space and applying them to everyday life.
A General Theory Of Love will help you reprogram your mind for better emotional intelligence and relationships by teaching you what three psychiatrists have to say about the science of why we experience love and other emotions.
30 Lessons For Loving gives the relationship advice of hundreds of couples who have stayed together into old age and will teach you how to have happiness and longevity in your love life.
The man, a busy professional also named John, is stuck in a massive traffic jam en route to his much needed vacation. When he tries to circumvent the roadblock, he gets lost and, running out of…
We need open minds more than ever, right when we’re least likely to have them
Moneyland uncovers the mystery of how the rich keep getting richer by revealing the great lengths they’ll go to so they can avoid taxes and other things that threaten their wealth.
In Search Of Excellence is a study of America’s top 15 companies, revealing what entrepreneurs should focus on if they want their businesses to thrive.
Change By Design makes you a better problem solver at every aspect of life by outlining the design thinking process that companies can use to innovate and improve.
Cashvertising teaches you how to become an expert at marketing by using techniques like using the power of authority, following the three steps of writing a perfect headline, and appealing to the eight basic desires people have instead of spending millions on ads.
Buyology shows you how to spend less money by revealing the psychological traps that companies use to hack your brain and get you to purchase their products without you even realizing they’re doing it.
Business Model Generation teaches you how to start your own company by explaining the details of matching your customer’s needs with your product’s capabilities, managing finances, and everything else involved in the planning stages of entrepreneurship.
Business Adventures will teach you how to run a company, invest in the stock market, change jobs, and many other things by sharing some of the most interesting experiences that big companies and their leaders have had over the last century.