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Brandwashed will help you make better buying decisions by identifying the psychological tools that marketers use to turn your own brain against you and make you think that you need to buy their products.
Accounting Made Simple is your guide to learning the fundamental charts, equations, and concepts of managing a business’s financial statements.
23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism will help you think more clearly about our current economic state by uncovering the hidden consequences of free-market capitalism and offering solutions that could give us all a more fair world.
The Wisdom Of Finance is a fascinating book that identifies the differences and similarities between the world of money and life experiences like relationships, showing how principles from each of these can benefit each other.
The Ride Of A Lifetime shares the inspirational story of Robert Iger, including his journey to becoming the CEO of Disney and how his vision, strategy, and leadership guided the company through a time when it’s future was uncertain.
The Man Who Solved The Market shares the interesting story of Jim Simons’s rise to wealth and success that came from him tapping into his math genius to make incredible gains in stock market investments.
The Art Of The Start is your guide to beginning a company and explains everything from getting the right people on board to writing a winning business plan and building your brand.
Nail It Then Scale It teaches you how to craft the perfect business plan and grow your company by focusing on getting to know your customers and solving their problems then creating products to solve those issues.
If we consider the present moment as perfect, what is meant to be will find its way into your life effortlessly.
Your association with vulnerability requires a shift in awareness in order to strengthen your emotional well-being.
Kindness is sewn into the framework of our DNA. We are literally wired for kindness.
Facing your demons is a term for dealing with the repressed or unconscious aspects of your personality.
Psyched Up is an in-depth look at the science behind mental preparation that will show you how to do your best when it counts the most based on what top performers do.
Orientalism reveals why false Western assumptions about Eastern countries have prevailed for over 200 years and how they still affect how we view the Eastern world today.
No-Drama Discipline is a refreshing approach to parenting that looks at the neuroscience of a developing child’s brain to understand how to best discipline and teach kids while making them feel loved.
Lost Connections explains why depression affects so many people and that improving our relationships, not taking medication, is the way to beat our mental health problems.
Imperfect Courage is the story of how entrepreneur Jessica Honegger learned to step out of her comfort zone and build a million-dollar business helping artists and people in need around the world.
How Not To Die delivers a template for extending your life based on scientific research which recommends switching to a mainly plant-based diet.
Genius Foods is the ultimate science-based diet plan that will help your brain perform with clarity and intelligence while protecting you against dementia.