Narrator Terms of Service

These Narrator Terms of Service (“Terms”) is a binding agreement between you (the “Narrator”) and Audiolibrix Ltd (“Audiolibrix”, “we”, “” or “us”). It sets forth the terms you agree to before any performance of audio narration services (“Work”) for us. You enter into this agreement each time you accept a new Work on our Services (websites, platform, marketplace, mobile apps).

By using our Services, you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree to any part of the Terms, you must refrain from using our Services.

There is a separate agreement between you and us for each Work you create for us.

Among other things, in this agreement you grant to us full broadcasting and distribution rights of Work that is completed for Us (a “Blogshow”) in all territories (the “Territory”) and for unlimited time.

Engagement to Perform Narration

Audiolibrix engages You to perform a voice narration of the Work in the language you specified in your profile (the “Language”) for the purposes of public broadcasting and distribution.

Production Guidelines

The Narrator will perform the narration in accordance with our Rules for Narrators (the “Specifications”) set forth as follows:

For every assigned project, the Narrator shall send one finished blogshow for approval to ensure required Specifications are met.

Once the Narrator submits the project, a thorough review of individual blogshows will be carried out. Should any corrections be needed, the narrator will receive an email notification with specific instructions. After receiving such an email notification, the Narrator has 72 hours to submit the corrected blogshows.

Approval Process

Audiolibrix will have the right to approve or reject the Work at any stage of production and upon completion. We agree to work with the Narrator in good faith, making timely and constructive suggestions to help the Narrator deliver a performance of the Work corresponding to our Specifications.

Payment Terms

As full consideration for all services performed by the Narrator under these Terms, and provided the Narrator is not in breach of these Terms, Audiolibrix will pay the Narrator the amount agreed before the start of the project within 5 days of Narrator’s completion and approval of the Work. Shall the Narrator quit at any time before the Work is produced or fail to meet the specifications set forth in the Specifications, the Narrator will not receive any payment. Unless specified otherwise in writing by Us, the Narrator is responsible for all of Narrator’s own costs and expenses while creating the Work.


Audiolibrix may terminate these Terms by provision of written notice of termination to the Narrator and will owe no payment to the Narrator in the event that:

  1. the Narrator fails to deliver the Work in agreed dates and time frame
  2. Audiolibrix is not satisfied with the Narrator’s performance of the initial one (1) finished Blogshow


The Narrator understands and agrees that all rights, title, and interest in the Work is owned and controlled by Audiolibrix. The Narrator further understands and agrees that the Narration has been specially ordered and commissioned by Audiolibrix on behalf of the Author. The Narrator agrees that all Work produced by the Narrator while performing the Services, including any unfinished Work, is a “work made for hire” to the full extent permitted by law, with all copyrights in the Work owned by us.

Right of Publicity Grant

The Narrator agrees that Audiolibrix has the right to use the Narrator’s name, likeness, and biographical information in marketing for the Work in any media without time or use restrictions.

No Obligation to Use Narrator’s Services

Nothing in these Terms will require Audiolibrix to use the Narrator’s Services or to make any use whatsoever of the Work. Audiolibrix will have the absolute right to elect not to use the Narrator’s Services in the future. The only continuing obligation to the Narrator will be the payment of fees owed to the Narrator for Work completed and approved by Audiolibrix which, when paid, will be deemed a payment in full of all compensation payable to Narrator under these Terms.

Independent Contractor

The Narrator will provide services to Us on an independent contractor basis. The Narrator is solely responsible for the payment of all taxes applicable to all sums paid to the Narrator hereunder. The Narrator will have no authority to bind Us in any way or to make any commitments to anyone on behalf of Us without their prior written consent.

Account and Payment Method Requirement

In order to receive payment for any Work, the Narrator must have an active account on our Services and a PayPal account associated with it at all times.

Governing Law & Forum

The governing law and dispute resolution provisions of Audiolibrix’s Terms of Service also apply to these Narrator Terms of Service and any dispute arising under them.


The Narrator participates in the Services at their own risk. The Narrator agrees that they are solely responsible for their own actions in connection with the Services, any breach of their obligations under the Terms, and for the consequences of any such breach.

Any capitalized terms used but not defined in these Terms have the meanings given to them in the Terms of Service. Except as modified by these Terms, Terms of Service remain in effect. Audiolibrix’s right to modify or revise the Terms of Service also applies to these Narrator Terms of Service.

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