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Want a summary of The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett? In our 4-minute book, you'll discover his 4 pillars of greatness and more. Listen now.
What is ASMR? What does the science say about it? What does ASMR suggest about your personality and could it be used as a mental therapy?
If we want to grow our businesses, we have to be willing to put ourselves in semi-uncomfortable situations.
This year, instead of setting goals, try a one-word theme. You’ll be surprised how easy and efficient it is. Listen to find out more.
Have you noticed that some days your thoughts produce negatives emotions while other days those same thoughts seem insignificant. Why? What has changed apart from the day?
There has to be some world in which we get important things done with focus, but we don’t subsequently shave years off our lives with lack of sleep, stress, and exhaustion. So, how do we reinvent productivity in a way that keeps the good parts of it, but chucks the bad?
It takes some self-reflection and accepting a couple of harsh truths to be able to snap out of the state of self-sabotage. And the first step is to understand how you are doing it to yourself. What everyday habits and mishaps are holding you back from living a fuller, more accomplished life — whatever it means for you?

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